EVERMARKS -- why so difficult?

Whos brilliant idea was it to make evermarks non transferable? Non purchasable?
And so difficult to accumulate?

So now once every 23 hours I travel from NS to Jita to get enough points to get a mark for a rookie ship? And its a specific rookie ship at that?? Why not have it so it works on every rookie ship? At this rate to acquire enough evermarks for the 10-15 ships I fly on a regular basis its going to take years. Whats the point? We thought you were going to make these easily attainable - instead I’m already giving up.

The amount of points is senseless as well.
I trade an incursus hull worth <1m isk and get 2500
Next day I trade a covetor hull worth 65m isk and get 4000??? WTF


wha is a evermark ?
god damit I’m one of those guys that play the thing for so long that after some patches becomes a noob again


first one for me was a retriverver just not worth it

for corpation logos and alliance logos

ohhhhh :astonished:

Agreed, I was disappointed on the lack of ships this is on. Hope this changes!

they talked about doing this but who knows

Had to get a covetor too, it’s super unbalanced.

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It is so you and everyone else has something to do …

If you want it, if you want to do it…

Stop your bitching, either do it or dont but just STFU.


Aren’t they also usable in the LP store for skins and clothing?

EDIT: Nevermind, I was looking at the wrong tab. Still, the costs aren’t that bad. I can get a logo for my Drake in like 4 days.

This will give high and low sec producers an opportunity to sell their ships at Paragon stations and give them a reason to build them in the first place. All I’m seeing are nullkrabs crying that they actually have to travel outside of their blue donut for once…


I have plenty to do Max. Looking at your kill board I can see why you might be lacking though.
Keep on mining!

We dont have a blue donut. But it looks like you know nothing as you dont actually play

CCP will be making a lot more soul bound items in future.

Check your drops closely Id say.

Do they go with the character if sold?

Scott still doesnt understand what being blocked actually means, I see.

I mission run and build stuff dumbass, i have other characters for zkill ■■■■…

since you dont know me or what im about my sentiment remains the same…

STFU carebear

i bet you have a girlfriend to :smiley:


Real men have boyfriends.


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wth is that