Remove evermark system

This system is stupid. You know this. We know this. No one wants to interact with this system. Remove it and let us buy the ■■■■ with Plex like you should have done in the first place.

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CCP apparently created the system with the idea that it would help with the production and consumption of ships. As well as stimulate more log-ins and (largely wasted) in-game time by forcing a slow and cumbersome interface on players.

Lord only knows why CCP seems fascinated by the notion of adding slow, awkward, clumsy and boring systems to the game to “enhance the player experience”, but there’s no shortage of them.

CCP is unlikely to change Evermarks much, so it would be better to ask for QoL changes that make the system less of a pain to interact with.

Some ideas:

  • Remove the one-a-day limit - they’re not vitamins.
  • Make them rewards for a new type of exploration/hacking/anomaly.
  • Reward them in LP stores.
  • Sell them for Plex.
  • Have agents that give missions to reward Evermarks for destruction caused against opposing factions. Much better to PvP for marks than this tiresome and illogical ship trading.

These ideas and many more have likely all been proposed to CCP already; I don’t care about cosmetics so haven’t really looked at the topic. But of course as long as there’s no widespread revolt they don’t really seem to care what players think.

Until CCP makes the system more user-friendly, the only real way to send them a message regarding an unsuitable system is to stop using it.

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Demonstratably false.


I don’t use it. I don’t much care what they change about the system I will never use it. I want to customize my station. I’m willing to pay them money to do it just like thousands of others. If they’re too stupid to see they’re losing basically free money by trying to force a poorly designed system down my throat that’s fine. I won’t get to change the look of my structure and I’ll keep my money. Not a big deal either way for me. Just annoying to see something so obviously ignorant for all parties involved.

Eww you’re still here :eggplant::index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Yup, and Im still not whining.

Whats your excuse?


Bored at work and wanna be excited about structure customisation.

I wanna be excited about logistical reconfiguration, but that aint gonna happen either.

It’s the only thing that’s let’s CCP say „even though we sell ships for money they are player made“ and incentivize players to give CCP those ships.

Do you have a better idea to preserve this economic balance, as opposed to just letting CCP sell ships from thin air?

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The hell you mean sell ships? I’m talking about selling the ability to put corp emblems and structure skins on… They don’t need to sell ships they can sell the previously mentioned 2 things and more people would pay…

Whats the point putting anything on your structure if its not permanent?

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Alas we might have someone in common.

Really isn’t one. We still won’t be getting structure skins at all it doesn’t seem.

Then really there’s little point complaining about how to get one if it just falls off after a while anyway.

Id feel worse buying it with real money for it to wash off than from some cheap loyalty tokens though

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Gotta start somewhere.

Evermarks are the reward for players giving CCP ship hulls that CCP in turn sells in packs for money. It’s the thing that prevents players from complaining that CCP Games creates ships from thin air and ruins the economy by selling ships-for-cash.

If you’re complaining about Evermarks and advocating their removal you’re upsetting this cycle, so how can you not know about this?


What? If you are complaining about the system, you should start with its actual flaw, not whether the speed you get the reward is quick enough.

As stated I do not nor will I participate in the system. Don’t care how you get them. I want the ability to simply purchase the structure skins and emblems for my ship.

I am complaining about the system. It’s entire existence… Don’t care how long or fast the process is.

Ah I see. This is a „Give me what I want, consequences be damned“ thread.