Remove evermark system

Ah yes.

Something something self serving narcissists.


Eww you’re still here too. Shill.

Why are there so many fing liars on these forums?

Only one we’re missing is Gix Firebrand. Then the list of shills will be complete. I swear y’all are some undercover employees trying to save face.

Could you explain how I’m a liar tho?

Your own quote sums it up.

You dont want the system removed, you just want it faster.

If you were honest then you might encounter less friction.

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… What?

You suggested addressing the “friction points” of the current system. I don’t care about the current system. I don’t want to interact with the system in any capacity. I want to pay ccp real life money to buy a damn structure skin. I don’t understand how you don’t understand but hopefully this will clear it up. I don’t wanna earn any new stupid currency. I want to give them the currency they need to keep the servers on and updates rolling. Understand?


Yes, thats the system we are talking about.

Why you are trying to make it into some big thing I have no idea, but its quite simple.

You just want it fast, and presumably cheap.

I think we are having two different conversations. You’re not making sense. Maybe read the initial post again I don’t know.

Im literally quoting what you are saying.

If you are saying something other than what Im quoting, you should probably come out with it.

Do you or do you not want to buy SKINs for your structure from NPC vendors (inc the Cash Shop?)

… Obviously no. I want them to be in the Plex store like ship skins are now. No evermarks. You tryina troll?

So yes you want to buy SKINs from the Cash Shop

I seriously think you are the one trolling here, becasue Ive no idea how you can fail to understand your own preposition.

Which leads me to the point I made at the start that somehow confused you:

Why do you want to pay real world money for something in a video game thats temporary?

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Why do you care what I want to spend my money on? Obviously I would prefer actual skins for structures that stayed when you bought the license but if it were cheap I wouldn’t mind having to reapply it every now and then. You’re being intentionally daft bro. Stop it.

Your the one who made it a point of public discussion by announcing it on a forum.

So why not start with that then? Seems to me you want to pay for something broken rather than work for something that isnt.

But then apparently Im the daft one for wanting something to work right the first time. vOv whatever dude, youre funny.


Glad I could entertain. See you next time I decide to waste my life here on the forums. Until then :kissing_heart:

Cya Adrian

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His preposition is “I want it to suit me personally”, that’s how far his line of thought got. Anything more is just lies, made up “logic”, smoke and mirrors. In his mind his BS reasonings make sense (because it really is just “me me me”), he just never expected people to actually question it and be called on it.

So when you do it all falls to pieces and they get angry.



Whew. I was wondering how long it would take me to get in my spelling nazi post for the year.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes I’m certainly the only person that wants this stupid system removed. How selfish of me. Your logic is flawed bruh try again.