EverMarks is a crime

This is just yet another cash grab by the owners of Black Desert Online.
We don’t need and we don’t want yet ANOTHER form of premium currency and deliberate cashgrab. EVE Echoes was bad enough with its multiple premium currencies, and now they’re bringing similar things back to mainstream EVE?!
Thousands of people are going to stop playing and paying because of things like this. Bad business decisions…

PS: To any moderator that sees this who isn’t a CCP Slave meant to silence the people making a fuss, I couldn’t find the correct catagory to put this under, please move this to the correct one.

I don’t think they are a premium currency as you don’t buy them. I’m sure I saw someone say they are there to be a sink for minerals in exchange for personalization. They’re completely optional though.


Evermarks are not a form of currency, premium or otherwise. The only use they have is to get a little logo on your ship, that’s it. And not even every ship. There is an extremely limited number of ships you can put your corp/alliance logo on. And just like skins, it’s completely optional…


Far from being a “crime”.

If they want to stop playing because CCP is evolving the game they’re welcome to scram and not let the door hit them in the ass on their way out.
And I don’t see thousands of petty individuals quitting EVE because of an optional improvement.

Who’s we?
And will CCP have to conduct an in-depth poll to introduce something that the community asked for?


Except eve echoes wasnt developed by ccp.


If there is anything that Eve players DO want, it is useless cosmetic items that they can grind for endlessly. Evermarks seem ideal for that.

How is more cosmetics an improvement?
Seems like more of a cashgrab.

I don’t understand your metrics. The entire idea of a subscription based game is a cash grab. Everything about Eve should offend you. How are Evermarks worse than everything else?

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EverMarks is a cash grab inside of a cash grab.
I only agreed to pay for one cash grab, not two

Interesting… I don’t remember using my cash to get the evemarks or doing stuff that require me to spend real money to get me evemarks.


So a company trying to make money on their game are committing a crime when trying to produce profit. Let alone in a way that does not turn the game into pay to win.

If anything people of any online game can agree on one thing, selling cosmetics is the way to go instead of predatory monetization methods like gambling loot boxes, gold ammo (pay to win) and such.

So not even sure what this is about. And on top of that it doesn’t even cost premium currency and it isn’t available in the cash shop as far as I know but even if it would it is not something that poses a threat to game balance or anything so even then it would be fine.

If anything CCP should be encouraged to go this kind of ways instead of the predatory alternatives that most players actually hate.

The most I ever heard someone complain about cosmetics is if they are way overpriced and even then it still is an optional thing that does not affect actual gameplay.

The only exception I can recall is one that I’ve heard about not long ago in one of the popular shooter games a black skin was sold for a time which made you basically invisible in a dark room or dark parts of the map so was a form of pay to win.

On that note it was later altered to be slightly more visible which annoyed both sides because it was still too difficult to see while those that bought it complained they paid for the original skin and don’t like the new version, obviously as they wanted to pay to win thus no sympathy from me.

Either way this is a pay to win scenario thus does not even come close.

If anything EVE players also tend to mention they would pay big dollars for cosmetic items for their avatars especially if there was some related gameplay implemented to can properly show it off.

And also people said the same about alliance and corp logos on their ships and now they got it and they don’t even have to pay cash for them either. At least yet but even if they would have to should be all good in my opinion and a lot of people said that in the past as well.

So again if anything people should encourage CCP to monetize EVE in a way that does not affect game balance (including the economy) which optional cosmetics completely satisfy.


I got 4500 EM ( I guess that’s the short form ? ) from the login campaign. :smiley:

How can it be a cashgrab when CCP gives it away?

I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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And yet, the only time one ever gets close enough to any ship to see anyone’s paint scheme, kill marks, or whatever is when undocking, or anchoring, in a fleet. One’s opponents will seldom get a close up look, or even one for more than a few seconds.

I thought evermarks were just another token to get items from a store in station like the LP store is. If evermarks are a cash grab LP must be as well.

You can not buy Evermarks for Isk or Realmoney, more, you can not even trade them ingame.

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