I found to buy for the emblem and why still? I see that it is very important when it is divided every day in daily tasks!? what can I buy for EverMarks? plz help ty

can you rephrase your question?

the first part is confusing

the second part, i can suggest you to read this EverMark - EVE University Wiki

I read, only that can be bought? Why is it so important that they give daily tasks every day?

It is not important and you can completely ignore these daily tasks. They are also not important. Make yourself a plan what you want to do or achieve in EVE and then learn how to do it, make connections to people who are professionals in that part of the game and try to learn from them, maybe join them and cooperate. These daily tasks are nothing but a disturbance from the real game.


basically you are randomly paying millions for an amount of Evermarks, every 24 hours…
from what i have seen… the marks are for 2 (TWO) cosmetic items per ship…

“just to purdy up that there ship of yers…, reckon id get me some french fried taters… with these here Evermarks”

as Syzygium said, this is a sandbox, different people have different goals. One corp or one alliance might want to have all ships with the same emblem, because it strengthen the esprit-de-corps, etc

Only you can decide what is important to you: becoming a tycoon? visiting every system in new eden? succeeding in the alliance turnament? killing plenty of ships with your friends every day? having a super? having a super wearing your corp emblem?

up to you

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