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Hey, Im back from a long time not playing, I created a quick corp with 1-2 people I bumped into in highsec, who I figured were like me, just killing time after not playing for many years, anyways we want to experience null-sec one last time before we maybe put this game away forever or the game ends (as there seems to be many less players then a decade ago).

Would you have us ? Mainly , it seems like Im the only pilot logging in, and I’m active everyday, got 55M SP. Only three things skilled for, maxed out Maurader and Carrier, and PvP Frigates. Could eaily just skill something else if needed for fleets or mining.

I’d love to join your corp.
I’m a noob, but I’ve completed the starting missions and am really enjoying the industrial side of things.
Would be great to learn from you guys