Everything for Efficiency now recruiting

Are you an Omega pilot? Are you looking for an active and supportive group of like-minded players led by 2 of the best in New Eden? Do you like to make isk? Do you like to PvP? Everything for Efficiency is now recruiting so if you answered yes to the above, drop by and send us an application. We’ll do the rest!

We have a strong EU and US presence with a smattering of other times and are located in deep null sec where the isk is real and so is the fun.

Specialist miners welcome, new, returning and existing!

With regular freighter runs to and from Jita as well as an active, established and growing internal market, you’ll never be stranded. Lucrative corp buyback scheme too!

Come and be a part of this close-knit team, we call a family.

Aeon Tobot
Everything for Efficiency

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