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Hello everyone, Everything for Efficiency is recruiting!

Our focus is growing up a welcoming and friendly community which will support and enhance the experience of its members. To accomplish this we provide training, incentives and promote knowledge sharing - we have players who like helping others grow in order to benefit together, you help the corp achieve its goals while we are helping you learn the game and start your EVE-career in the best possible way!.

We aim to make sure each member succeeds in reaching their own personal goals while also benefiting from taking part in group activities.

We have a mature and relaxed environment and are looking for pilots who will fit into our corporation and form new friendships.

As a corporation we are established and have an ambitious set of goals to achieve so by joining now you will be a part of challenging and rewarding gameplay focused on teamwork. Also, if your intentions involve climbing up the ranks that IS a possibility, in time, as long as you are up for the task!

Everything for Efficiency is a proud member of the WE FROM BL0B Alliance, along with WE FOR V0LTA, both members of the GTC community. We are based in the FADE, DEKLEIN and PURE BLIND regions.


  • Real life comes first approach
  • No mandatory schedule (this is a game and is supposed to be relaxing, or frantic too if you like attending pvp fleets!)
  • Experienced leadership
  • A true community focused on teamwork and mutual cooperation
  • Lucrative Null sec space
  • Free ships to newbros including ventures, herons, T1 frigates, and T1 cruisers. Trusted individuals will receive free procurers for mining.
  • Rich environment for learning - I started my eve career here and can testify to this point
  • Most importantly: a place to call home.



  • Local facilities for refining, research and production
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)


  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining
  • Buy back program for your raw materials (At a very profitable rate not many can offer)


  • Gurista / Serpentis ratting
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Exploration


  • Freighter services to get your assets to where you need them


  • Frequent PvP fleets
  • Small gang
  • Large scale battles
  • Blops Sig
  • Combat payment system
  • Ship Replacement Program


  1. TZ is not much of a problem since we host people from all over the world!
  2. Activity: we don’t demand a schedule or activities in particular, just know the corp is mainly indy so if you like to produce things to sell, you will find A LOT to do in our corp and you won’t get bored :slight_smile:
  3. 5m Skill points to be at least competent in mining frigates or PVE cruisers like a Vexor so that you can actually make use of NULL sec.
  4. Team player
  5. Discord
  6. Mumble only for PvP


For recruitment ask: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

EveMail / Discord DM / Ingame channel: EFE-X Pub

If you would like to join us, please reach out to a recruiter. After joining us, you will be given a link to our discord server, which includes many more resources.

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Still recruiting, come while it’s hot!

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We are recruiting both corps and players!

Hey, I am an experienced PvP pilot with 60mil sp on my main and I’m looking for something different in a new corp then most other places,

I’m interested in possibly becoming a leader of sorts down the line, as it’s one of the main challenges of eve I haven’t tried yet, I have some small gang FC experience to bring to the table and I’ve lived in all areas of eve, would this be something that would be welcome here?

(Note this is an alt and not the main)

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Still Recruiting both vets and newbros are welcome!

We are still here… and recruiting!

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Now we are called everything for efficiency!

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