Everything For Efficiency - Looking for PVP & PVE Pilots NEW BRO FRIENDLY



Everything for Efficiency is looking for Active new/returning/existing pilots to join us. We are EU Corp mainly but have some US TZ members, We are a fairly small corp but have a good bond and want you to be apart of that. We are open to all players, whether you are an Industry player, a PVPer, a Ratter or an Exploration player. We would love for you to join us.

What we offer:
✘ Null Sec Space ✘

✘ PvP Fleets with SRP ✘

✘ Isk making 30-120mil per hr ✘

✘ Ice Belts & High End Ore’s ✘

✘ Professional and experienced FC’s ✘

✘ Capital Warfare ✘

✘ Buyback (Coming Soon) ✘

✘ Lots of Knowledge of the game ✘

✘ 1 on 1 Mentoring and Training ✘

✘ Isk Making Fleets ✘

✘ NewBro Friendly! ✘


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