Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

That was funny.

GordanBennett. actually :stuck_out_tongue:

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For Americans, who probably won’t have heard the expression…

Gordon Bennett " is an English-language idiomatic phrase used to express surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, or frustration.”

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Look, here’ SRS now to once again type up a flurry about how much they don’t care.

Remember guys, SRS and RIOT were totally not working together:

[ 2022.06.16 01:14:24 ] Sgt Angel > we’re all good SRS are going to look into the surrenders and hopefully it will all be sorted within the next few hours
[ 2022.06.16 01:14:33 ] Destiny Corrupted > so sarge, let’s make it clear that we won’t be attacking him
[ 2022.06.16 01:15:18 ] Sgt Angel > correct, neither us nor SRS will be attacking and the two other entitiues will not war dec
[ 2022.06.16 01:15:30 ] Sgt Angel > SRS will talk to the corps to get them to accept the surrender

Oh you poor, precious little thing. You still don’t understand what happened, do you?

It’s not like I was trying to give the Astrahus away or pay people to blow it up. You totally “won” by doing it for me for free.

And I still got the kills on my board: Xuixien | Character | zKillboard

I know. This is just too high level gameplay for you to understand. There there. You’ll be okay. Go tell more stories about how you spoke to my corp officer alliance officer someone you won’t name who’s !!really official!! about how how I’m just so awful.


But evidenced. I know you want to draw attention away from that though.

This is a) shifting goalposts and b) appeal to bias fallacy and ignores c) that Sgt Angel threatened to “permanently wardec me and destroy any structure I ever anchored” if I published the blog. But sure, go on.

Proven by… the accused saying “Xui’s lying!” ??? lol…

OK, I think i finally get it,

Content for you means something different to me and the rest of the eve community ? You believe a little bit of green on your zkill is brilliant gameplay ? even if you shot it with a ibis then get poded ?

Anyone else remember the days before Zkill ? and actually undocking for a fight ? Was much more fun then some green on a website. Even if all your kills are stolen, and your war HQ destroyed and getting nothing. But as long as your on the killmail !!

Well done xuixian !! Good for you !!

I mean, I guess content for you is destroying empty, undefended structures and bragging about how 1 dude won’t fight 20. I guess for some poor souls that does count as content. But I’m a metagamer. You - your reactions, your responses - are my content. You were playing my game. I wasn’t playing yours.

You got metagamed.

I’m very happy with everything you guys did. You got rid of my burdensome Astrahus for me (saved me from the 7 day unanchor timer, or finding someone to transfer it to, or paying someone else to blow it up - no, you guys did it for me, for free, and with expedience! Thank you), and you saved me the trouble (though somewhat disappointingly) of enacting my revenge on the guy who hired Mercs by backstabbing him and blowing his Athanors up anyway.

I mean either way you cut it, I win.

You guys got some cores but, honestly, for a player like me, that’s pennies and I don’t mind being charitable.

They’re on my board?

Keep tryin’, tiger!

(Hey look, the guy who “doesn’t care” is typing again:

Probably to tell me more about how he “doesn’t care” and how my Astrahus got “totally pwned” in a thrilling act of “content”.)

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Dude im complimenting you !!

You completely outplayed us ! I mean how stupid of us to kill your HQ !! You tricked us so well, and damn yer you got the kills on your zkill. We failed so bad !!!

Well done again xuixian !!!

This is the first correct thing you’ve said in this thread.

BTW, my name is spelled “Xuixien”. It’s right there on your screen, literally in front of you. If you’re having such a hard time, you can a) copy and paste or b) just call me Susan, which is what other people who have a hard time with words have done in the past. :wink:

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Next time we will let you have all the kills and all the loot !!

That will show you who is boss XD

Xux, you understand no one buys you wanting us to kill your Astra. Your one friend in eve (you claim is another person) even asked us to leave it be.

If you wanted it gone, there are multiple ways you could have easily dealt with it. Many of which would have made you money.

I enjoy how you cling to this line as it shows everyone who has the fortitude to read your nonsense how full of it you really are.

Of course, it’s not like there wasn’t a deal in place between RIOT and myself wherein I wasn’t going to blow the Athanors up. Unlike some people, I keep my word. Always.

There’s literally screenshots of a) me trying to give it to RIOT b) trying to hire a different merc corp to blow it up if you guys didn’t pull through and c) me literally asking you guys to blow it up already, and taunting you to do so.

But okay dude. (headpat)

The reek of desperation for you guys to cling to some completley unevidenced narrative fills the room.


… its oblivious he won this war we need to accept it.

Killing nothing, getting nothing, having your hq destroyed and dying loads is the new EVE Strategy !!

But obliviously if its your plan XD

This is the second correct thing you’ve said in this thread.

I enjoy how you think you are winning this in your oh so smug way. I thought for a moment you were just a clever troll, but a troll would have at least came up with something believable.


When did we war dec you? Please remind me, as Im sure none of this was in any way trying to escape that dec and actually getting shot.

You are spinning your efforts to avoid getting shot, into a “I was trying to get rid of it”

Since you had an active war dec, where you had reinforced 8 structures, please explain how that makes sense that you really were just trying to get rid of your astra?

I mean there’s literally screenshots of me trying to get rid of it so I could move on to a different type of content.

I mean, you guys literally did what I wanted you to? You blew up the structure, ending all the wars for me, and freeing me up to move on from WarDecs in the fastest way possible? I mean you can try to spin that however you want, but I got you guys to do exactly what I wanted you to do.

You guys betraying your client and blowing up his Athanors was just a bonus for me. An appreciated one, though.

I don’t expect you to understand though. I mean, you probably do understand, but are going to try to “salvage” the situation and “save face” by spinning it another way.

We didnt betray a client at all, I can assure you that person (or people) who wanted you to lose your war HQ got exactly what they wanted, since its dead. They even gave us a bonus for having to deal with a crazy person.