Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

I’m sure they wanted you to blow their Athanors up too after hiring RIOT to save them. lol

mmhmm r/thathappened

Given all of the truely crappy things you have done to people in eve over the years, you cant think of anyone who would want to F with you? Really?

Well, there’s one way you can settle this and absolutely win by proving me wrong - but we all know you’ll just make excuses not to. :wink:

Maybe you can account for this in the process?

[ 2022.06.16 01:14:24 ] Sgt Angel > we’re all good SRS are going to look into the surrenders and hopefully it will all be sorted within the next few hours
[ 2022.06.16 01:14:33 ] Destiny Corrupted > so sarge, let’s make it clear that we won’t be attacking him
[ 2022.06.16 01:15:18 ] Sgt Angel > correct, neither us nor SRS will be attacking and the two other entitiues will not war dec
[ 2022.06.16 01:15:30 ] Sgt Angel > SRS will talk to the corps to get them to accept the surrender

I mean, if some other entity or individual hired you, completely unrelated to [GAVIA] and [VBEE], why did Sgt Angel feel the need to clarify that my deal with RIOT was also binding to The SRS? Hmm.

So you cannot think of anyone who you may have, idk, stolen from or sAwoxed or…well…I wont say more on the topic of crappy things you have done in game.

So nothing to back up the claim you’re insinuating, and no accounting for what Sgt Angel said?


You’re just making my case for me, you realize that, right?

I wont speak on behalf of another corp, no.

Just how many people have you Fd over that you cant immediately think of one person in particular who might have a bone to pick with you?

I thought the war deccers are driven by the big NS corps to kick Tiny HS corps asses?

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Nice cop out. I said you’d just make excuses and wouldn’t provide anything to back up your claim.


One of us knows the truth, and it aint you. Enjoy! hahahaha

You got nothing.

Too easy.

A normal person would have denied they did anything on the list of crappy stuff I listed you did…but we both know the truth…you have been a bad boy, and Fd over a bunch of people over the years…aint that right? Now suddenly you try to act as a paragon of virtue?

Nice try.

Please note, I did not list the worst things you have done did I Xux??

Oh look, here’s the part where he lost the argument, so he’s going to try to pull the ol’ reversal and talk about my ancient history in EVE - a history which he only knows because it’s a matter of public record, and published in various blogs and podcasts, which I am completely transparent on and have never tried to hide.

For some reason he doesn’t want to talk about present events. I wonder why? HMM.


Sure, you really have been so honest about everything you have done in game?

I’ll leave that to other people to dispute, not my business, but from what I have heard about you…

(Nice elipses by the way!)

I wonder how people would react if I launched a war HQ, lost it, and then tried to pass it off as being my intent all along? :thinking:

Didn’t-need-that-thing-anywayism is generally not expected from those at the top of the food chain.

Something can’t be “part of Eve’s rich tapestry of back stabbing” if it didn’t have any actual backstabbing.

I hope all of these consequences we’re being menaced with come soon, however. There are only so many MWD/cloak-tricked Occators I can rage-■■■■ to pass the time before the liquor runs out.

Man, all they got at this point is that my WarHQ exploded after I asked for it to be blown up. They’re just gonna harp on that to distract from everything else I guess.

Quick! Change the subject!

You only asked for it to get blown up because you were trying to avoid a war, that is sort of the entire point.

k I guess? I mean not really, but sure.

Anyway this is enough forum winning for now. Be back in a few hours!

Xuixien, There is a second thing you won at, Making yourself look like a arse !

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