Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

It is just business.

It’s possible to keep your world while simultaneously doing shady, bad faith stuff in back channels. It’s that shady back room stuff and lack of transparency that I was drawing attention to.

Fully expect it all to be played off. But sometimes the best defense is no response…

People should just defend themselves. Mercs should be hired as auxiliaries, not your sole defense. Buyer beware.

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I have an idea for the next upheaval that hits the Poco world , hope I can get things in place ready , it’s alway good to try new stuff

Imaging fighting over POCOs lmfao

Yes but I’m confused now…as last Saturday I lost a whole bunch of security points as we attacked a station we were not at war with. Or rather, it seems Wrecking Machine was not at war with it. Which begs the question of why we were attacking in the first place just to eliminate the shields, but never finished off the job.

Was it in low sec?

Content? Last time it was good fun , bling ships of all types doing PvP in high sec what’s not to like , untill one of the war HQ structure’s was taken out and the war ended.

I am not sure why he thinks that, POCO’s have a certain value for people who do indy, which makes me wonder whether he has actually ever done any meaningful indy in Eve in the current system of course… I had a spurt of doing P4’s for a period and it is decent ISK.

I often wonder why people can’t understand what a content driver is, the need for acceptable tax rates or access is a content driver, I did a war against Omega and Friends Medialabs because one of their POCO’s in Khafis had by error a stupidly high tax rate and I wanted to use it. Maybe I should have asked, but it was fun even though I lost. But did I lose, because I had a 1v1 with the guy running that corp, let him kill a maller, got him to reduce the tax rate to correct his error and got acces back to his POCO’s. I lost a Maller and a Talos, but big deal…

A War HQ is a content driver, it has something of value that people can and do fight around, the loss of a war HQ which is mainly cheap medium structures, which I am told by Brisc that everyone can afford and throw around like spaghetti. So when people complain about a war HQ are they poors, are they unable to defend it or they do not understand what a content driver is? - But as I cannot just go and throw an Astrahus at 3.1bn a pop if properly fit away every so often, I can’t defend against a fair few in the game, I am in that situation too, sort of, am I OK in pointing that out? Hell even Test found bashing them a content driver?

I put forward the view that a war HQ should be applied if an entity wants to do more than three war decs and to remove the need for the defender to have a structure to be war decced. That is all that needs to be done.

Should I start linking the war HQ’s that I have helped blow up?

In any case wars were ruined long before the war HQ was implemented, they were mainly hub/pipe kill farming blanket war decs that stifled play. In my opinion blanket war decs against prey that just log out are the issue and always have been, but dealing with that is above the wit of CCP and most of the player base. The answer is to find something that makes more of them want to partake in the war and that they can do it with friends and not have mechanics like inability to rep allies thrown at them to discourage them more, not a smart move that…

WarHQs are a dumb mechanic and have ruined HiSec wars.

Ah yes…0.3 Iralaja.

Looks like RIOT’s using the “silence defense” and are gonna lay low and keep their mouths shut. SRS gave me some nice meta-content the other day. I whored on an Athanor kill and suddenly they got very mouthy in Local, spending about 45 minutes trying to explain to me why they “don’t care.”

They also wanted to make sure that I understood that they “won” - by betraying the client who contracted them as mercs in order to blow up the Athanors that I was honor bound not to destroy, due to an agreement I made with RIOT (which SRS knew about, as per Sgt Angel, RIOTs diplomat).

I love these guys.

Does SRS stand for “Special Reeree Squad”?

I think RIOT would be wise to keep their heads down on this. I know that you don’t like me as such, but credit where credit is due, your exposure of this was very well done indeed. But I do think you may have been a bit harsh on someone who wanted to be your friend, due to a mutual dislike of me.

TBF I think RIOT played her as much as they played their client. If she wants to fly together sometime she knows where to find me, though I’m assuming she blocked me.

I agree. o7

Had my first encounter with Blackflag today, though I lost the fleet and ended up surrounded by half a dozen of them and had to flee. Alas I thus missed out on sharing a Drekavac kill. But I’m sure there will be a next time.

Which client did we screw over? I can tell you we have had zero complaints about how things ended with you (other than you know, your constant tears in local).

You are the eve version of the crazy person spouting conspiracy theories on a street corner. Its best to just not engage with you. You think you are very clever and see something going on, when that is 100% not the case.

You got salty because you missed 9 cores because you didnt want to fight for them. All these posts and all of this nonesense is you trying to justify being such a massive baby in private conversations.

Logically there’s to a few ways people can proceed with if they want the truth about xuixan’s cringy story.

They could message the corporate leaders of the people we supposedly broke the deal with, Who if are honest will confirm that they payed no one to defend them.

Or they could message us or storm in game to get screenshots of our ransom attempt on them, What they didn’t reply to.

If Anyone is silly enough to believe the nonsense that Xuixian is coming out with. Then that’s up to them. Personally i think most people in this forum dont give a crap about what he has to say.

Xuixian’s mentality is this …

Im going to blow up all these structures and get loads of isk …
the srs is blowing them up and i wont fight them …
the srs is blowing up my war hq …
I lost all the kills and got my war HQ blown up … YAY I WON !

Now to make up some terrible story and tell everyone how this was my plan !

The reason not much is being said anymore is because at this point there’s just not much else to say. It’s a dead sub-topic (I’m sure the thread will survive, though), and there’s no more drama to squeeze out of it. We’ve presented our chain of events, and so far the only arguments against them were speculative in nature. But speculation isn’t acceptable evidence of wrongdoing. It’s like trying to prove that your dog is a Nazi because the meat disappeared from your plate when you turned around for a moment, and Hitler just so happened to really like beefsteak. There’s a reason why inductive reasoning isn’t an acceptable legal argument.

All that’s left is a wobbly circle-jerk by two people (who don’t even like each other) who are trying to hurt us with words because they can’t hurt us the only way that actually counts: militarily. This too will dissipate into the ether soon enough, and this entire event will be entirely forgotten.


Godwins law, how wonderful…

Simple fact is that this is business in Eve, the only reason to keep ones head down (RIOT) is because it got a little bit too exposed and it was embarrassing for you. But yes the heat will soon dissipate and you will continue with making ISK. Tell me something I don’t already know please…