Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

God your thick :slight_smile:

Im not going to name them. and i am very aware of who are your alts !!

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Sorry to the eve community. I cant spend any more with a bigot that is so full of hate, and real life issues o/

Im out, last reply. I just thought id expose him for the hateful idiot he is

Cool story dude. Sorry you got played. Why don’t you spam more racist slurs into local?

Moving on:

Holy crap I had no idea so many people were waiting for this to drop. It hasn’t even been an hour.

I’m sure a lot will read it after all the chat here , I’m looking forward to it when I get a minute. :kissing_closed_eyes:

It’s obvious two game styles are at play here.

First off war decing griefers and second Mercs.

Both game styles are legitimate eve play styles and I don’t have a problem with either.

I’m sure a Merc with a legitimate contract would be seen by his target as a griefer and yes maybe the person hiring the Merc is griefing people , as we can see above it gets very messy , especially if the group are Merc , war decers and some are even gankers to boot.

Maybe it lack of content that makes them branch out into other areas , closely linked but very different.

People should stick to their ideals , imagine if we get bored and decide to go gank miners one night .

Reading this thread reminds me of this

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive,’

Yes, two play styles.

One that’s straight forward.

And one that double deals.

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So can I ask , what are Jita holdings up to these days, used to see around a lot and they did that “let’s break the Poco Monopoly that BF enforce” a short time ago, like others have tried.

Also do the Perimeter police still defend the TTT

To be blunt this behaviour by RIOT is not a surprise to me, I had already noted something like this with another entity, and RIOT would definitely do this too, it was however fun to see named names with a detailed exposure aided by a naïve forum warrior trying to be nice.

I take the view that these large war deccers have certain income and content streams which they milk as much as they can, one thing is evident, mercs are only interested in ISK and any honour they have is based mainly on protecting their income streams. You have some of their members who do not think like that, but it is coloured by whether you fit their concept of being worthy of honour.

Buyer beware…

Unlike Dracvlad, who is a man of HONOUR!


I’m sure, as always, that this will lead to further repercussions for me, of which I’m already suffering an inordinate and unbearable amount. The influence of his sage commentary reverberates across all networks and channels, and I can hardly even get past the character selection screen without having to answer for the consequences of my wickedness.

What am I to do? I thought I could get away with it all, but the moment I poke my head from underneath whatever rock I can find to conceal myself from the vigilante mob’s watchful gaze, I’m instantly dealt blow after merciless blow like some kind of misbehaving hound getting thrashed back into its kennel.

How am I supposed to continue playing this game when I’m already so thoroughly beaten?

This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s just a bit of amateur ability mixed with the reality: you pay a merc to defend you but it’s not a guarantee. It’s a deterrent against smaller war dec groups (or low power/ abandoned hunters, or an enterprising indy org that wants the moon) so as to give yourself more chance of the structure living longer. There’s always a big fish that will whack it eventually. As a buyer this is probably not made clear enough when it’s actually a fair trade off.

As to the POCO empire, it’s the same as has been said before. It’s pretty easy to kill pocos (and even easier now) but holding them for any length of time takes a lot more commitment and without the volume to make it a worthwhile effort, people get bored and it returns to the status quo. Which is where we are now; ready, but unlikely, to be disrupted.

That is… not at all what happened in this case.

[GAVIA]/[VBEE] hired RIOT to defend their Athanors from me after I had created timers on all their Athanors in system.

But then RIOT’s friends - the much smaller and probably lower average SP group, The SRS - finished the timers.

(It also seems, based on Storm Preldent’s testimony, that [GAVIA]/[VBEE] had also hired The SRS… so The SRS betrayed their clients…)

It appears to be a simple case of cross-pollination and passive - if not active - collusion on the part of groups that are friends/know each other/have friends between members/leadership whatever.

It’s not a conspiracy; it’s just a lot of speculation. And I get it, speculating is fun. But only the employers and the mercenaries actually know the whole story, as in who the employers are, the reason behind the contract, any moving targets that resulted from unforeseen developments, et cetera. Everyone else can only guess at what the answers are, but regardless of how confident they feel, they’re still just guesses.

Did RIOT fulfill its obligations? Yes, we have. That’s why we’re getting further work. We kept our word to everyone involved, and this hasn’t been proven otherwise by anyone so far.

It is just business.

It’s possible to keep your world while simultaneously doing shady, bad faith stuff in back channels. It’s that shady back room stuff and lack of transparency that I was drawing attention to.

Fully expect it all to be played off. But sometimes the best defense is no response…

People should just defend themselves. Mercs should be hired as auxiliaries, not your sole defense. Buyer beware.

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I have an idea for the next upheaval that hits the Poco world , hope I can get things in place ready , it’s alway good to try new stuff

Imaging fighting over POCOs lmfao

Yes but I’m confused now…as last Saturday I lost a whole bunch of security points as we attacked a station we were not at war with. Or rather, it seems Wrecking Machine was not at war with it. Which begs the question of why we were attacking in the first place just to eliminate the shields, but never finished off the job.

Was it in low sec?