Evian Industries Is Recruiting

Strange things are afoot at Evian Industries - Things are happening and we are excited to be looking to the future…

… AND we are absolutely looking for capsuleers of all experience levels to blaze the path forward. We are a Null-Sec/PVP/PVE group with a primary focus on Industry. We are an extremely laid-back bunch that just enjoys the game…

Here is what we offer;

  • Nullsec - Yep, come be a part of history in the making.
  • Discord LINKY and Mumble comms
  • Ship Replacement Program on Alliance level ops
  • PVE and PVP fleets
  • Large Blue Print Copy Library
  • BuyBack Program - Come sell your goods back to corp… we build with your resources!
  • Logisitcs - Ya, what you need where?

We do have a few requirements;

  • Be Active
  • Be On Comms
  • Be in Fleet
  • Contribute to Corp
  • 5 million Skill Point Minimum

So do you think you’re a fit? Well, lets go through our expectations:

We need pilots who like null-sec living or want to give it a shot. PVP, Industrials and PVE players are all welcome. Pilots will need to register as well as participate in PVP fleets when called upon.

We are a part of a great community of players that is growing.

We want people who want to work together, to forge something bigger. If you want to be part of this, contact us in game using the JoinEvian channel.

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Come Join our Transition to Reeloaded Alliance!

We’re getting setup in our new home! Come and get involved.

Stop by JoinEvian ingame chat channel

We are expanding.

We are a Proud member of Reeloaded Alliance [REE]

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