Evian Industries - Looking for nullsec pilots!

Evian Industries are looking for capsuleers of all experience levels. We are an Industrial Corporation operating in Immensea Nullsec, And we are apart of the Evictus Alliance.

Our goal is to build for the future. And growing stronger together. Our members range from longtime players to fresh newbro’s. We have a mature and friendly community, active in all timezones and we understand that RL comes first.

We are a well organized and structured corporation enjoying may aspects of the game. We have a friendly mature community with a relaxed atmosphere.

What we offer:

Nullsec. Fully ugpraded systems to mine and rat in.

Discord and Mumble comms

SRP on alliance ops,

PVE and PVP fleets,

BPC Library,

BuyBack Program. For ore minerals salvage PI etc

Jumpfreighter logistics in and out of highsec
Website with lots of info

Our requirements:
Register on our SEAT
Be Active
Be on Comms
Be in Fleet
Contribute to Corp
Have Fun!

We are looking for
Pilots who like null-sec or want to give it a shot.
PVP, industrials and PVE players. We accept all walks of eve-life.

Pilots who agree to be NBSI in null-sec, and agree to register on our alliance forums and participate in PVP.

Pilots who wish to contribute and be part of creating something together

With a community of 3,100+ players spanning mostly US and EU timezones, there will always be friends onlin

We want people who want to work together, to forge something bigger. If you want to be part of this, contact us in game using the Evian Ind Recruitment channel.

170m sp returning player looking for a crew
42 mil sp pilot LF Corp
Noob looking for a corp
45mil sp main and 15mil sp alt lookin for a new home
83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home
54m SP Pilot LF Null Sec PvP and Home
67M SP PVP returning player looking for fun
Laid back, active EU pilot looking for new home!
175m SP PVP player Looking for PVP corp EUTZ
Looking for chill Corp for returning player
Experienced player looking to help newbros
2 guys looking to learn the ropes
Old pilot looking to come back. 50mil SP
~150mil sp vet returning
60 million SP char looking for null sec home
Looking for a small gang pvp team
20M char looking for a new corp
15mil Sp looking for Corp
160m+ SP char looking for a new null sec home
Pvp pilot with super/rorqual/fax alts LF new null home
Looking for some Fun
LF friendly corp
94 mill so and alt lf nullsec home
85 M Sp Fleet Booster/Subcap pilot LF WH or Null
Testing the waters
60m sp pilot looking for mature null or wh corp US west coast
64M extremely rusty sub cap pilot looking for mature laid back corp
Looking for miner and Pve Corp
Looking for a new Home
87m SP mostly subcap looking for null home
20.6m sp returning pilot
2 experienced players looking for a new home
83mil SP, Small Gang PVP, Positive Vibes & Fun, USTZ
Returning Player looking for something casual
Fairly new Player looking for a Home
Semi-new player looking for a home
Looking for PVP EU based corp
29mil SP returning player LF Null Sec corp
130M SP gal/cal + rorqual pilot LF nullsec corp or system to rent where to deploy my mining ships
153 Million SP Character looking for a home
65m + 50m+4 Rorqs LF WH PVE, Possibly Null
Pvper looking for a new home
110 Mil sp pilot looking for WH or Null
Returning Player, looking for small gang fun
Returning Player looking for a new Corp
New pilot looking for corp [EUTZ]
Returning 15mill SP player
Returning pilot looking for a new home, 36mil SP
Returning 92mil SP Looking
15mil SP Noob looking for a low sec corp, want to get into pvp and pve
Veteran player gone for years looking for home
Looking for new home
I want to join you corp
35m PVE CareBear looking for Corp active in AU/NZ
New Player LF active industrial corp
6+ Mill Player
20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
20mil SP looking for a friendly corp
Returning Player looking for tight-knit Corp
6.6m sp new guy trying to get into the game
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
Returning old (EU) player looking for 0.0
13.5m sp pilot looking for corp
65m sp Nix Pilot looking for Home
Returning Vet // Looking for AU TZ Corp
Returning vet LF Empire Indy Corp
Wondering to return to EVE
At crossroads - need direction please
Returning player looking for a group
Returning player looking for a home
:shuffleparrot: 250M SP Returning PVP Pilot
Looking for a small good-natured group in Null
Old vet returning / looking for active Pvp corp EU timezone
Returning player nearing 5 mil sp
LF Null mining corp for myself and army of alts
100m sp pilot and alts looking for pvp home
Corp Found. thanks
150m+ SP USTZ looking for lowsec or nullsec fun
73M SP returning - LF socially active PvP
Returning 86m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for new home [USTZ]

Do you operate in WH? Willing to join Corp into an alliance for more purples online!

No we are in an nullsec alliance. If you wish to enquire about joining your corp to the alliance you need to contact Evictus diplos ingame

Yes, we used to run with Evictus, but I haven’t been on in a bit. Was just wondering in anything changed. :slight_smile: Fly Safe, Kill Often. o7


Hi, I’d like to join. I’m a relatively new player. What’s the process of joining (is there a discord I can join?)

join the ingame channel mentioned in the original post, chat to any recruiters who might be online



Hi, i’m a really new player and you’re corp sounds a lot like what i’d like to get into. I understand i’m probably a little off from joining a corp like yours, but I have a question or two for direction. Do you all bring on alphas? And i’m looking for more of a - fuel the war with crafts and materials impact rather than participate in a ton of pvp; is this something that would keep me from joining your ranks? thanks for the time, hope to hear back from you.

contact us ingame for a chat :wink:

Halloween Bumpkin

Discord Link of Awesomeness Evian Industries

Evian Industries - Doctor (Fluture) Recommended

The Great La-Bump-skie

Come join the fun!

I’m happy to see Evian still going strong! Great corp, great people =)


Thanks Ethan and o7.

bumping again

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