EVIAN - USTZ, New Zealand and AU TZ Welcome! Recruitment Open!

:rocket: Join Evian Industries - Your Gateway to Adventure in EVE Online! :rocket:

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the depths of New Eden? Look no further than Evian Industries – a dynamic, player-focused corporation dedicated to providing an unparalleled gaming experience for both new and seasoned capsuleers alike!

At Evian Industries, we pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant and supportive community where camaraderie reigns supreme. Whether you’re a budding industrialist, a seasoned PvPer, or a master of the market, there’s a place for you in our ranks. Join us and become part of something truly special!

What We Offer:
:wrench: Ship Replacement Program (SRP) to keep you flying, no matter the odds!
:moneybag: Generous buyback program for all your loot and salvage needs!
:rocket: Diverse PvP opportunities, from small-gang skirmishes to epic fleet battles!
:pick: Abundant moon mining opportunities for those seeking riches among the stars!
:factory: Robust industry infrastructure and capital construction projects to fuel your ambitions!
:star2: A drama-free environment where mutual respect and cooperation are paramount!

What We’re Looking For:
:milky_way: Easygoing individuals with a passion for adventure and exploration!
:briefcase: Players eager to contribute to the success of our corporation and community!
:mortar_board: Curious minds hungry for knowledge and eager to learn new skills!
:boom: Enthusiasts of all things PvP, ready to unleash their firepower on unsuspecting foes!

What We Require:
:artificial_satellite: Omega clone state to unlock your full potential in the EVE universe!
:chart_with_upwards_trend: At least 5 million Skill Points to demonstrate your dedication to your training!
:gun: Some PvP experience (or a keen interest in learning) with a preference for logi pilots!
:studio_microphone: A functioning microphone for effective communication during fleet operations!
:closed_lock_with_key: SeAT authentication for added security and peace of mind!

Additionally, if your corporation is interested in joining [ Reeloaded. ], our nullsec alliance focused on PvP, Industry, Exploration, and group operations, please join our recruitment channel “REE_CRUITER” or contact ‘skymikerjedi’ on Discord for more information.

Recruitment is Open! Join our in-game channel “JoinEvian” today to learn more about the exciting opportunities awaiting you in Evian Industries. Don’t let this chance slip away – join us now and forge your destiny among the stars!





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BUMP We are still Recruiting, come fly with us!