Evil.Empire is recruiting

Evil.Empire strikes back
Welcome to the recruitment post of Evil.Empire. We are a new corporation that is located in high sec. At the moment we dont have a fixed base where everyone have to live, however we are more like a social club, a place new players, older players and veterans can help each other, join forces and have fun.

Our goal is not to become big, not to be the top 10 corporation on zkillboard, but just a casual PVE/PVP company with guides, fits and much more to help.

We offer aspiring pod pilots:
• Corp activities
• Corp funded roams (once we get established)
• 24/7 PVE content :wink:
• Huge amount of content, such as mining, roaming, mission, DED sites
• Combat training
• logistic support in high sec.
• PVP Tournaments T1 frigates.
• Corporate loans

What we look for in new recruits:

• No sp requirements
• Experience is not needed Apply now!
• Industrial Minded pilots welcome!!
• A willingness to further the corp’s goals
• A good attitude and level of maturity
• Reasonable English
• Working mic and discord client is a plus but not a requirement
• Willingness to regularly attend corp and alliance ops.

How do I apply?
Contact Amitare Cortisol and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

•Amitare Cortisol – CEO

Greetings Amitare,

Saw your post, our Alliance has a sweet little spot in NULL if you are interested.
If you interested join our alliance discord, we can have a chat:

-Xeno Dragoon

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