Excel Add-In, Please Add Unallocated SP

The rest of the player base finally has access to the Excel add-in, and I’ve had time to play around with it, and I’m liking what I’m seeing. However, it does not seem that there’s a function to display a character’s Total Skill Points or even Unallocated Skill Points. Give me either of these functions and I’m a happy nerd! I can always maths to get the other…

As an aside, the documentation seems a bit shallow for this implementation, but maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Is there any way to call a specific item without invoking the entire array? For instance, if I wanted to compare all my alts in the Caldari Cruiser skill, is there a way to call just that skill and its level for a character? Maybe something like =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_SKILLS(XXXAlt1XXX,“Caldari Cruiser”)
Maybe this is an Excel thing that I’m not familiar with…

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I know no one responded to my post, BUT, I see with v1.1.1 of the add-in, Unallocated SP is now the last entry when listing skills. So, THANK YOU!!!


Awesome, it was added after someone noted it on discord that the format didn’t follow the ESI output properly.

The function now also has an optional search parameter for filtering the specific skills, albeit not a strict search but will be improved later.

I just saw this post now since I’m terrible at forums. More used to discord and I watch that daily for feedback and helping users. :saluting_face:

The MS Excel x Eve Dev

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