EXCEL Market Import not sorted after price

Hello Everyone,

I got a little Problem. Im importing for Example the market sell order in Jita 4-4 for Compressed Brilliant Gneiss.

I get the sell Orders, but they are not sorted after Price. How can i get them sorted after Price.

This would help a lot. Thanks for your help!


You can use the SORTBY function, and wrap it around the function to get the list sorted by your criteria.


You can have it be more efficient by having the _STREAMING function in a helper cell, and reference it via =SORTBY(C12#,C12#.price)

Since every time you do a function and directly type in the function like in my first example it requires excel to “run” the function twice, even if it’s going to return cached data, which might lead to scaling issues for performance

Thank you for your reply, i will try this out.

This is a very good idea.


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It does work like a charm. Thank you very much !

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