ExoGen Foundation (High Sec mining/indy)

ExoGen Foundation is an interstellar company specializing in Mining, Research and Production.

As a Foundation we dedicate ourselves to helping new players start their careers in EVE or help more experienced capsuleers to learn new skills.

We are Based in Amarr Empire space,

We are looking for:

  • Miners & Industrialists
  • UK/EU Time Zone

Some of what we offer:

  • Fleet Support
  • Mining Ops
  • Mineral buy back
  • Profit share on indy builds
  • New pilots welcome

What we require

  • Relocate to Domain Region
  • Have and use ts3(even if just for listening)

About us
We are all here to have fun and to help one another grow, and develop our skills here in the EVE universe. That is the point of a corporation, to leverage members and assets in order to assist members and the corporation to achieve its goals. Our primary areas of focus are mining and Industry, but we welcome all who wish develop in other skill sets.


  1. Real Life comes first.
  2. Members should do their best to assist other members when requested.
  3. Members are expected to be courteous and civilized in their behavior towards all, as representatives of this corporation, and to interact with all other members.
  4. Dedication, loyalty, and maturity are desired. The person behind the character is important. Loyalty to the corporation is paramount. We are not interested in corp. jumpers.

We will help any way we can and point you in the right direction. If this is something you can consider yourself being part of,
feel free to contact us by:

In-game channel - EG-F Public
Our CEO - minerbert
Recruitment - Neutron Stars (Feel free to contact me here or in-game)

Greetings glad to see another corp aimed to help newbros into eve, we do the same you described but in caldari space good luck there

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