Expand Planetary Industry


Would it be possible for Planetary Industry to be expanded from single player to multiplayer?

suggestions in this regard :

  • Create a tab for corporate planetary industry
  • Add roles for jobs like “Planetary Manager” (set up and manage the PI) "Planetary Supervisor (can start and stop Extractor Control units, change the type of resource and select what the factories produce, also move resources around and from/to “corporate” customs office tab) Add role for “Planetary hauler” (can take and deliver items to the corporate customs office tab
  • Make it possible to make contracts for people to do the above mentioned tasks.

I think there is more to expand on but this would be a great way for people to work together doing PI in the way people can do manufacturing as a team.


I agree PI needs fixing and expanding to make it easier and fun to manage. …But for it to be balanced it also needs to be volatile, like player owned structures in space. Read: destructible. Then rebuilt with “one click”. Rinse and repeat.

I hope EVE Vanguard will allow for meddling with other players PI setups through contracts issued to Vanguards and them doing “something on their EVE Vanguard maps” and the result of their actions there is transferred via Quasar back to EVE Online for evaluation and applying to targeted PI… then erased from the planet surface entirely or partially or even enhanced if defended successfully on EVE Vanguard side.


Certainly, there has been significant technological advancements across the universe that would allow for more complex planetary industries. Advancements in structural technologies that would allow for planetary structures to be moved without complete destruction. I am sure I have also seen advancements in power distribution allowing for buildings to be powered down when not needed to allow for other manufacturing processes to occur. Thus, allowing for a more streamlined manufacturing process of tier 3 products.


They certainly are aware PI improvement’s are needed. Not sure they will do anything meaningful anytime soon. I’d like to see random events or requests from colonists that could enhance or harm the performance of the colony.


How about mixing up the Planetary Input into Fuel Blocks a bit ?

Analog the Faction Isotope inputs for each Fuel Block type, it would be cool to see the P1 and P2 inputs varied (Water for Hydro, Oxygen for Oxy, maybe Electrolytes for Nitro and Reactive Gas for Helium; similar mix of P2 items that dont make it into Implants or other BPOs).

PI needs to be made volatile (destructible) like most of player made structures and then, once there, super easy and quick to rebuild and mantain like no harvester timers and auto POCO/orbit launch and POCO contracts/market.

Then PI’s output could be mixed into anything you can imagine for balancing things.

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