Expand Pochven with Shattered Frigate Wormholes


There exist 25 small shattered wormholes with Wolf Rayet effects. This proposal suggests creating two additional shattered small WR wormholes; raising the system total to 27. That is same number of systems in the region of Pochven.

Connecting these Pochven and shattered wormholes via system dedicated stable (unrollable) frigate sized wormholes would open a content pipeline for wolf rayet frigate/destroyer combat and structure bashing via additional frigate holes down chain.

Thank you

These frig holes don’t despawn and shuffle around Pochven?

I have mixed feelings about the static certainty some place like Raravoss or Niarja would have for their own dedicated wormhole system even if it’s a shattered frig hole you can’t place structures inside.

you know… just undermine the entire point of these wh while you do it.

From your perspective, what is the point of these shattered frigate hole systems?

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