Experienced Black OPS Corp looking for Alliance

Were an old group and have been playing since 2006. We have experience and skills in all areas of eve.
Looking for a Null Sec Crew Or Possible active WH Corp.

  • EU TZ Mostly
  • Black OPS Orientated
  • Can Fly all doctrines in the Game. (mostly Logi/support in Main line Fleets)

Not looking for New Alliances unless they are experienced.

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Hey Tessa

I would like to speak to you about your corp and get some more details.

If you could contact me on Discord I would really appreciate it.

Justin Starr STARR#8251

Cheers bud I dont believe it would be a good fit.

The Trailer Park’s Finest & Worst

Currently Living in Cache

Alliance Ceo: Madwack Kring Recruiter/Diplo Contact

Now recruiting corps and players for nullsec life.

Diplo/Recruitment Channel: TPI.Diplo

You can also contact Widget#7077 on discord :smiley:

o7, try to ask to Razor Alliance, our region is Detorid, we are looking into new corps and we are mostly EU tz. Feel free to ask me (erikterr dunier in game).

Fly safe,


Thanks Razor isn’t the right fit for us.

Um you might try Freight Train diplomacy. We are currently looking to add some EU corps to fill out our ranks we live in Vale and have plenty of content.

kool, I was on your channel today. What TZ are you guys mostly?

We are in US but we do have a decent EU TZ like i said we are currently growing our EU TZ. As a plus we are still fighting Volta so the PVP content is decent in EU. If you decide you want to give us a try join our discord

Rouchnecks … kicking ass and taking names….our alliance based in Scalding Pass SOV great for small/medium sized corp, If logging on and killing with experienced PVP pilots and making plenty of isk in the background, we striving to be an active force in the area and build a name for ourselves.

we are looking for self sufficient corps that want access to sov but are more then capable of pvp,

we fly everything from frig fleets to Caps, small to large, blops and roams.

if you think we are what your looking for feel free to contact either myself Feared General or Mike Lowe in game.

Fly Dangerous
RouchNecks Out


Speak to me if still looking.
We are getting pretty hardcore content at the moment and love to get more BLOPS oriented people in alliance as there some big noobs that need killing :slight_smile:

Aditia#7593 on Discord

Hit me up:

Who we are:

Our pvp alliance which is based in Scalding Pass, is looking for new small to medium corporations to join us in growing into a larger force and get full membership in the Fire coalition. We have access to space in the region where we also have structures for basing and earning some isk for income.

We are mostly EU timezone but any timezone is welcome.

The alliance flies all types of ships from frigates to capital ships

What we want:
We are looking for active self-sufficient corporations that wants to be a part of our community, do pvp and evolve the alliance. It is a requirement that all members has access to a microphone and discord installed for socializing and fleet comms.

What we offer:

New friends to pew with
Isk income potential both pve and industrial
Logistics network

If this sounds interesting join our public channel x-prot

BLOPS is dead.


I think its worth having a conversation with us about your post. If you do not prejudge the age of this alliance then there is a chance we are what you are looking for and you are what we are looking for.


Im interested in joining a black opps focused corp. late GMT tz with 2 pvp focused chars with cov / black opps - would be good to chat if your still taking pilots?

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