Experienced player looking for an established active corp WH preferred

Hello everyone,

A bit about myself. I’m an experienced player that’s been playing since before 2009 (with some breaks here and there. ) I run several Omega accounts. Most are 85-105 mill sp. If I fly a ship I fly it well. I’ve been back in the game for a couple months now though I’m still getting used to all the changes and shaking the rust off. I like to help others, have a dedicated scanning toon. I enjoy a variety of aspects of the game, like mining, huffing, pve. I do tend to prefer WH space though I’m willing to look at other options too if the corp itself is good and a good fit. I am wanting to explore doing abyssals, possibly ponch space (something totally new to me) maybe fw as a side aspect (certainly not as a main focus). Ive done some pvp through the years, though it tends to stress me and I don’t enjoy it. I often fly support roles, logi, ewar etc. I’m eastern time US though I often play through the night.

What I’m looking for:

-WH corps are preferred. It would take alot for me to look elsewhere and a corp would have to tick all the boxes for sure.
-Established mature corp with adults that is respectful to others, doesn’t tolerate ganking, griefing of non reds in empire, trash talking others etc. Mature means little to no coarse/crude joking comments etc. PvP should be for those that enjoy it not mandatory except for home defense.
-Active comms. I dont want them to be a ghost town. I dont want to be the only one in comms. A place where people not being on comms is the exception not the norm. Its far easier to build friendships and communicate in a timely manner via voice vs text.
-R/L first no excessive pings or cta’s.
-A corp with minimal new players and certainly few if any alphas (alphas struggle in wh space with not being able to cloak and limited ship selection) Certainly few if any 1-2 month old players and at least a 5 mill sp minimum though 10 mill sp minimum is preferred.
-A sense of community friendship and camaraderie. This is another important critical factor. If I wanted to play a solo game I’d play elite. I’m looking for a group to interact with, to hopefully make lasting friendships along the way.

We might fit the bill. We have quiet a few cantankerous, I meam mature players:)


If you don’t mind checking us out, we might be a good fit :
Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

See you around :slight_smile:

what ways might you be a fit? I see you are a pvp focused corp. What kinds of pvp is done? how much is mandatory aside from home defense?

why not give URSA Primus a shot we are a C5-C5 corp with a lot of good content on our side and lots of people to share it with we have a good presence in both EU and NA and we’d be happy to have a chat with you when it comes to what you want to do in WH space

fly safe hope to see you soon

Giving this a bump as I weigh options. A c4 with good connections would be a wonderful choice too.

come check us out join “Thor Public” in game if you wanna chat more

Giving this a bump as I am still looking.