Former Omega currently Alpha seeking new adventures


I’m a 32 mil SP pilot (Omega) that has been away from the game for a while.

I am now looking for a new corp to make me love this game again.

For now I think I will just keep my account alpha, just to see if I will still like the game.

What the corp main focus is doesn’t matter that much, but I’m mostly into blowing ■■■■ up (or getting blown up). I am also a fan of exploration. But a nice mining op with a fine Riesling is not bad either.

If you live in a WH, null, HI doesn’t matter. As long as we seek out fun content together.

I live i Sweden, so an EU tz would be prefered, but US is also fine. I played with US corps before.

What I want in a corp:

  • Mature (Room for foul language and profanities, but no immature brats talking about how they seducted my mom with force.)
  • Relaxed (It’s just a game guys)
  • RL comes first (I have a job, family and other hobbies to cater to.)
  • Humor and fun (Everybody loves a laugh)
  • People better than me at the game (I want to learn from people better than me. I am not good at this game, so this is an easy one to live up to.)
  • Steady source of income (That could be sites in WH or ratting locations. I need to pay for all the ships I lose.)

What I can bring to a corp:

  • A will to learn (I always want to learn new things. In games or in RL)
  • Great at taking orders (I fly where you want me to fly, I shoot at what you want me to shoot at. As long as I understand what you are saying.)
  • Humor and fun ( Altough I’m quite shy, I can be fun when I loosen up.)
  • Relaxed (It’s just a game guys)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or an opening in your corp I can fill.

Fly safe 7o!

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If you want a wide range of activities, my corp runs a coalition with just that. We have a corp that does combat as far as advanced PVE (incursions, pirate FOBs, WHs) and PVP(wardecs, structure bashes, WH raids); and we also have a corp for training, mining, and light PVE. Both work in tandem to provide content. As far as I can see, we meet the requirements you’re looking for. Our TZ is both US and EU. I’ll contact you in game after a little bit.

-William Hazel


Are we Mature? Kinda lol, bunch a rowdy adults with families and careers, but total savages ingame.

Relaxed? Blood pressure meds? Check!

RL comes first? Absolutely, we dont accept Neck Beards and Edgelords.

Humor? Best part of our corp, stupid things going on all the time, when denied content, we forcibly will subject our content onto others. MMMmmm Rape Content lol.

Better than you? How about a bunch of expereienced vets with level heads that are willing to teach you new tricks :slight_smile:

Income, got you covered.

So you mentioned you were shy and EUTZ, about 50% of the corp is EU (UK, Iceland, Romania) and they are the most relaxed guys of the corp, and I know they would love a more reserved, dedicated guy to play with during their play times. I really think we’d be a good fit for you. Give us a look:


If you are looking to blow stuff up then check out Federation of Freedom Fighters.

We are a PvP first corp with an Industrial backbone that helps feed our PvP fleets.

We live in Sov Nullsec and are the premiere USTZ corp of our alliance.

We specialize in Small/Medium Gang and Capital Warfare. We are more than willing to help returning players get back on their feet and to enjoy the game once more.

If you would like to learn more then join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter.


Hey there! Welcome back to the game! You should consider Aideron Robotics! They are the largest corp and a multi-timezone corp in the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP group based in Pure Blind. They are also very alpha clone and returning player friendly, and have multiple resources for returning players.

As an alliance, our main focus is PVP of all kinds, from small gang to larger fleets. We’re also a real life first and mature alliance. As such we have next to no fleet or activity requirements whatsoever, because we know real life can get in the way.

We want our members to have fun playing the game, and not be stressed out. We also have multiple ratting systems fully upgraded for our members to make money for PVP.

If you’re interested. here’s our alliance’s Discord:

Alternative Catering. Was in your shoes a few days ago. I think well have what you’re looking for. Inquire within!

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You may like my corp. C2 with HS and C1 statics. We do it all and have many veterans. Older guys, mature, no drama. A couple of guys from Norway, a couple more from England and the Netherlands. A few Americans as well. I’d say our peak activity is from 17:00-23:00 eve time. No big requirements, do what you’d like alone or with a group. Optional alliance ops on occasion. Alliance owned POCOs with 1% tax rate, 3% corp tax, fortizar, raitaru, and athanor in our system. Buyback, comms, and path finder for mapping. Send me a mail in game or join our public channel if you’d like to know more.

T.h.e. Public

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Come fly in delve with us!

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