Experienced WH pilot looking for a home

Hi All

I have over 2 years wh experience (not this alt).
Although I have 2 alts trained in PVP I am NOT looking for a PVP focused corp.

My ideal home would be a smallish (less than 200 people) wh corp living in a C4 or smaller. Looking to not focus on just one part of wh life i like to do all aspects of wh life.

Must be: WH corp, EU/UK Tz, Not to serious and Mic must be optional

Anyone out there able to offer me a new home in J space?


@Cyrus_Kurush might be able to help you out.

I’d reply but we only do PvE fleets every now and then :joy:

Hey there,

Yea just like bear said we probably have what youre looking for, heres our recruitment post, take a look see if you like what you see.

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