Looking for WH EU TZ corp

Hello felow cpsuleers.
Im looking for an active WH corp preferably in eu tz.
A c2-4 would be nice.
Im skilled into amarr ships. I can fly up to battleships includin hac and t3.
I enjoy pvp as i’ve spent most of my time in FW.
Now im looking to make iskies for shinier ships to blow up.

Kind regards


Oh and i have no experience living in a WH so a helpfull community would be awesome😁


If you’re looking for the WH life, take a look at our corp ad here! If it’s something you might be interested in we’d love to hear from you, just drop by in the recruitment channel!


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I will look you guys up once work is out of the way. Have seen your post on your corp. looks good to me.
See ya soon o7

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