Looking for join a WH corp

(Malsandar Boirelle) #1

Hey guys, I’m looking for a WH C4 or C3 corp where we can do pve/pvp fleets and make isk as a family haha.
I was living alone in a C2 wh and I know how this work, but playing alone is pretty boring and I want to be part for something more.
I can use T2/T3 Gallente Cruicers, ceptors, bomber (manticore) and one marauder (golem).
I am always willing to learn because in this game who thinks he knows everything is being podded right now.
I’ve mic and discord/ts/ventrilo hahah, but the problem (a big one) is that I do not speak english … I can understand the basics on comms and I know that wh is vital. I have no problems (I think) with written English. (I speak spanish… I’m from Chile, you know, earthquake, volcanos, etc…)

And that’s it, thanks for your help

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