Looking For wh corp low class

Hello there!! im ready for join in wh corp, im very active and check good wh corp is very active and give me some tips to survive!
im good citizen and pay tax ever, i have 32 old age lol and yes im serious and hilaric :smiley: ops sorry for my bad anglish :smiley: yes… english!
hope i have luck and anyone consider this poor guy of me accep in one wh corp, low class… :smiley: cmon guy invite me im active in game all time.
Ty in advance Cheers!

Hey you are welcome to join my corp. We are looking to grow, since we have only formed a couple weeks ago.
We have about three players, but I am online for most of the day. I am reasonably experienced PvP wise, but for the most part, newer to the WH side of the game, as I have mostly played in Nullsec during my time playing Eve.

Hit me up on the forums or ingame if you have interest in joining :slight_smile:

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