Explain this little wording

So I read this article from last year how the Ammar militia were taking a beating in faction warfare in the autum.

Amarr Militia Pushed Back to Eugidi in Faction Warfare - INN (imperium.news)

The part that puzzled me was

Minmatar players in those time zones are able to plex uncontested. On the other hand, Amarr militia USTZ is a good bit better organized than Minmatar militia USTZ, and so we can often make progress plexing and/or win most strat-ops that occur in this period.

I don’t get what he meant by plexing. Was “plex” short for “complex?” Are there cosmic anomalies called complexes in faction warfare systems?


Also yes. “Plexing” refers to running these sites.

That has been a confusing bit since FW was born. Also, the Amarr can’t contest weak timezones because most of their pilots are truly bad and can only dogpile :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Amarr needs good T1 frigate solo pilots. I should not be able to get an 11-killmark Merlin hull as an Alpha clone.

As an alpha clone???

Yep :slight_smile:
All solo, against (mostly) fitted opponents, I think I got four unfitted farmers. My tenth kill was against a dual rep incursus, in which I survived on exactly 2% hull.

T2 Neutrons, AB double web (or AB web scram, I carry a refit) MASB, DCU SAAR Magstab, with a collision accelerator rig and a (painful) T2 current router rig for PG. I think the last rig is a transverse bulkhead, though it very well could be an Auxi Nano Pump or shield resist thing.
Costs 11M + change for the fit, ammo, and some drugs.
Blaster specialiation at III, Caldari Frig to IV, and a lot of missing gunnery skills (in particular Controlled Bursts). I can also use small projectiles, rockets (kinda), and light drones. Those last two have cost me almost a million SP in alpha skill injectors, plus that 7-day Omega thing. The only other T2 weapon I can use is medium projectiles.

And you can get sweet kills too, just practice! I use FW as my moneymaking method, too, so I have an absolute blast, get to talk to a ton of cool people, and get to learn dozens of ships by heart that I am likely never going to fly.

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