Is there any newbie friendly corp that helps newbies get into factional warfare?

Hey everyone!
I want to join a big newbie friendly corporation, that helps newbies get into factional warfare.

Any suggestions? :thinking:

For which faction?
In which timezone?

I’m starting to run fleets for newbro’s and all in regards to the Minmatar Faction. Help us take back the Eugidi constellation and I will show you a few things :).

Not the best at flying but I can get you started atleast!

Im from ammar

This link will take you to the Discord Server of the Amarr Militia:

This link will take you to a Discord Server which I built as a Library with guides and fits for Faction Wars over the course of the past two years. It was originally built for the Minmatar Militia but I felt bad for the newbros of the other factions so I let everyone in nowadays. Type something in the lobby once you’re in there so people can see that you are not a bot, and then someone will eventually come by to give you access to the channels.

If I had to point you in the direction of a specific individual, then I would suggest that you get in touch with @Aldrith_Shutaq, who has been a long-term member of the Amarr Militia community, and also has a respectable combat record:


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