Exploration gaming experience is awful / This game is not for young

The Alpha Clone concept allows you a ton of fun for zero cost. It’s incredibly generous compared to many games.

I have multiple max skilled probing alts and a couple more training up. Living in a wormhole, I do a LOT of probing and I find I can never have too many probing alts. They’re just so useful in so many ways. For example, my Jita alt is also a prober. If I need a logistics chain, I’ll start probing out from Jita, giving me more chance of getting a close connection when I find a k-space exit from my homehole or bearhole chain.

Keeping a prober in Pochven is also handy. If I get camped in a null sec pocket, just yeet into Pochven, find the static, back to safety.

A Thera alt has proven useful. Jump the Thera holes kindly provided by EVE Scout, probe a couple of systems and you can usually get a nice connection.

Once you get used to probing in a max skills Virtue Buzzard, jumping onto a low skills Astero alt is jarring.

If you want better than what Alpha offers, then sub your account.

Actually, I have no more objections at this point after finding some juicy stuff which covers all my needs for now) Not to mention the rush of adrenaline in the process)

The game was much better in the days when a noobie would get insta popped by snipers as soon as they poked their heads into lowsec. They certainly didn’t get bored in those days. Then ofcourse wardecks releived their boredom as they had to hide in stations or get their heads blown off. Those were the days

I visited Stain today. My plan was to do relics and kill competition with Astero with my second main who has nearly perfect scanning skills. Got into Stain randomly via filament. So basically, it seems that the region is swarmed by blobbers. I was looking for a fight, but I am not gonna do relics in a system where are 2 players with a zkill history of 2v1 even stupid heron or in a system with 8 cloaked hunters. I visited about 15 systems, found only two relics (skipped 2 systems with hunters) and one of that relic was already cherrypicked. Did not even see anything on a dscan. So I went towards Minmatar null. I had much better luck there and also found a 3 systems with a cloaked solo player in local and relic site so I did it, but nothing happened. Then I ran into a system with multiple players and since they had bubble on gate I decided I will try to do sites. Of course that flycatcher and his friends warped into the site immediatelly after I started hacking. Still managed to hack 3 and then run away. Then I took wh to highsec and left.

3 hours of playing, scanning only relics, overcame 40 jumps in null, 100mil in salvage and few free drones I found at gates. Which is kinda horrible, but if I fitted both data+relic I suppose I could make much more. There were twice as many data sites as relics. So I guess not that bad. But then I had astero with sisters probe launcher and probes and nearly maxed scanning skills (I only miss last level for those pinpointing and other skills). New player, especially alpha has no chance to acquire even this in same timeframe.

Overall it is crap and I don’t think I will do another trip in near future.

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So you found the action, and if you survived you already won. :wink:

Have to admit not being in Stain for a while, looks like it’s being more hunters than prey with the access made easier. Stain was one of my bases back then when relic sites still were my main income. But for ISK I was going into the adjacent, and much more quiet, sov null regions, and not hacking in Stain itself much. Also Providence was a good scanning/hunting ground. I was doing all in a ceptor (Taranis or Ares) due to insta-warp, travel speed and being nullified (now only with module). A lot has changed since then.

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