Explorers' Sanctum looking for hisec capsuleers - Alpha / Newbro friendly

[EX-SA] is a small, newbro friendly, hi-sec based corp.

What sets us apart from most corporations is our mindset and the way we step into EVE.

We tend to keep our corporation relatively small which enables us a tighter relationship with each other instead of seeing a sea of “blues” around you but barely ever saying a word to one another.

[EX-SA] is also very Alpha friendly! We offer an extensive training and a helping hand when it comes to mission running, exploration and abyssal space (both solo and fleet runs).

For more info check out the [EX-SA] website or simply come chat with us in the “EX-SA recruitment” channel.

We’re looking forward to flying with you o7

Friendly, helpful, tight knit group. Glad I joined up.

Glad to have you aboard :slight_smile:

Welcome once again o7

Friendly nighttime bump o/

Stll looking for a friendly corp to hang around with? We’re still recruiting!

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