Recruiting Alphas, Newbro's & Non-Bitter-Vets for High Sec & WH Life

Solstice Rises is a Corp built on teamwork, playing together and enjoying EvE as a group. We split our time in 2 places across EvE and have options for Alphas, Newbros and Bitter-Vets alike.

We don’t touch Null sec - if your goal is a Null Sec Corp/Alliance, our training, discussions and ship fit suggestions will lead you in the wrong direction. No Corp/Alliance can do everything that New Eden has to offer and we wish you good luck in finding the right place for you to call home.

What we do;

  1. High Sec
  • Mining
  • Mission Running
  • Industry - Building
  • SRP/Free Ships
  • Corp Buy Programme or Haulage Service
  1. Wormhole
  • Scanning
  • Exploration
  • Gas
  • Ore
  • Combat Anomolies
  • Industry - Building & PI
  • PvP
  • SRP/Free Ships
  • Alliance Hauling (& Fees)

If you’re new to the game and not sure what this means - brief explanations of each ‘career’ choice below. If you’ve been around a while - give it a skip =)

Alphas and Newbros are welcomed to our Wormhole space and we have ship and fit suggestions to help them achieve their goals. We run training sessions, have discussions and will produce videos to support in areas of confusion. Our C4 Wormhole is chosen with static connections that make it ideal for newer players but equally as exciting and fulfilling for veterans to come play in.

If, as a veteran, you want to play a role in High Sec or WH space with supporting others and creating content - you’re more than welcome to join the ranks too. It can be a truly fulfilling way to play EvE.

Interested? Join our public channel ‘Solstice Rises’ or drop me an EvE Mail. Alliance forum post is here.

Look forward to flying with you soon.

Fly Safe o/

  1. High Sec Options
    We mine ore in our home system and boost as often as we can get on to help. We also run mining nights where we mine as a group and share the profits at the end of it with boosting/hauling/mining - these are great fun!

Mission Running
We run Level 4 missions in groups once a week to make ISK, selling the loot at the end and sharing the reward equally. Running with us gets you to level 4 status with Agents faster and lets you make more ISK and have more fun. These fleets also teach the basics of Fleet flying. Want to try running the fleet? You can give that a go too!

Industry - building
BPOs available for use in our high sec base. Copy, build or invent - it’s up to you. We have an office in an Azbel designed for doing exactly this.

SRP/Free Ships
We provide basic mission running and mining ships to members to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Free Skill Books
Show us your skill plan and what you’re aiming for (EvE is about setting goals and sticking to them!) and we’ll supply you the skill books you need. Gives a newbro a real boost and we can support with skill choices and priorities depending on your goals within New Eden

Corp-buy programme for ore/minerals/loot etc. Jita (the main trade hub in EvE) pricing so you don’t loose anything but gain time to keep playing not hauling. We save time by moving it in a massive freighter designed for the job (or suck up the cost and build ships with it for the SRP programme)

Free Haulage to Jita from High Sec base in our freighters so you can sell your own stuff if you don’t trust that we’re paying the exact amount you’ll get for it in Jita (and we’ll teach you how to check!)

  1. Wormhole Options

Our wormhole focus overlaps with High sec focus. Been mission running - try some J Space anomalies. Been mining? Come mine in the hole. Want to explore - living in a Wormhole is the ideal place to start from. Ship fits/suggestions/skill plan discussions always bear in mind that at some point, you’ll want to try our J Space home! And you can honestly do it sooner than you thought (like now!)

Scan down the pipe, see what’s there, find the content to then go ‘complete’

Scan the pipe and hack the relic/data sites for valuable loot

Gas Huffing to sell on and/or produce drugs from

Mining - venture/procurer/hulk, choice is yours ! Valuable Wormhole ores.

Combat Anomalies
Take your PvE ship and go blast some sleepers. Collect the loot and sell it to the alliance

Industry - building/PI
Best Planetary Interaction space in the game. Make dank ISK for little effort or risk. Build using BPCs in our engineering complexes deep in Wormhole space and sell your build to corp or alliance bros.

Go fight the new neighbours - don’t worry too much, they won’t be here tomorrow!

SRP/Free ships
We supply ships for basic mining, gas, scanning, exploration, PI, PvP and hole rolling. Just make us some ISK back so we can keep this rolling =)

Alliance Hauling for all loot (Corp/Alliance fee charged to support uptake of Wormhole, SRP, Skill Books etc)
This allows us to fund the Alliance and Corp, keep the stations and services running, complete projects and support each other in our New Eden goals. All loot in WH space goes through this, except Ore, Gas, PI and any PvP loot.

Everything in WH space is teamwork so it goes without saying the above is all done cooperatively wherever possible with Corp and Alliance bros.


Nearly felt a sleep reading all that, but I guess its important to someone :slight_smile:

That’s why in the middle it says ‘stop here’ if you already understand :vulcan_salute:

Some people are still new to Eve and won’t understand any of it without a little help. :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree, keep the good work going m8

Thank-you :smile:

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Nah, its time to hit my bed so youll have your peace :smiley:

Recruitment going well - bump for a few more good 'runs to join us and enjoy !

Growing nicely and a weekend of activities planned - enjoying life and enjoying the people we play with.

Come join us and enjoy it too.

It’s been a busy weekend accepting a few new members and getting organised. Having fun and with a fleet op planned for this evening there’s much to look forward to =)

Corp now busy across EU/US TZ’s as we head to Wormhole space for a week of fun, training and teamwork.

Exciting times - come play your part ?

Hi, I’m looking for corporation/community as you described. I like exploring the Eden space, but I’m a newbie here. I understand that without support I’ll struggle to keep my account running, so my goal is to have enough isk for keeping omega. I don’t have a TeamSpeak or any other comms opportunity, so is it possible to join?

All going great, recruitment ticking along nicely. Come and join a great, friendly, happy, helpful gang across EU and US TZ’s (and a couple of hardcore never-log-off AU TZers but not in AU for fun too!) =)

A great saturday rolling the static, running some content and then repeating. Busy, good, active.

I woke up to the gang huffing gang, running combat sites and supporting each other to clear the next gas site - just how WH life should be =)

Hectic plans for the week with mission & mining fleets planned + whatever wormhole life throws at us =)


Im interested in having a chat with you guys.


Great group of folks

Welcome to the corp to the newest recruitments - this morning was busy with corp recruitment again and some exciting plans in the pipeline.

Come play a part =)

Is recruitment still open?

It is - having spent the morning rolling WH’s, running combat sites and chatting to corp mates recruitment is definately still open as we love having people to fly with !

Add me in game, join our public channel or come find our home and do a dance on the edge of the station to grab my attention :slight_smile:

Very social corp, always things going on come check us out in game or message us on here