[SOL-R] Solstice Rises

Solstice Rises [SoL-R]
We are a Corp built on teamwork and enjoying EvE as a group. We have options for Alphas, New bros and Non-Bitter-Vets alike.

We don’t touch Null sec - if your goal is a Null Sec Corp, our training, discussions and ship fit suggestions will lead you in the wrong direction. No Corp can do everything that New Eden has to offer and we wish you good luck in finding the right place for you to call home.

What we do;

Combat Anomalies
Industry - Building & PI
Corp hauling

What we use:
Discord (For out of game chat and voice comm’s)
Tripwire (For wormhole mapping)

Alphas and New bros are welcomed to our Wormhole space and we have ship and fit suggestions to help them achieve their goals. We offer training sessions, have discussions and have reference information for most things we do. Our C4 Wormhole is chosen with static connections that make it ideal for newer players but equally as exciting and fulfilling for veterans to come play in.

If, as a veteran, you want to play a role with supporting new bro’s and creating content - you’re more than welcome to join the ranks too. It can be a truly fulfilling way to play EvE.
Interested? Join our public channel Sol-r recruitment or drop me an EvE Mail.

Look forward to flying with you soon.
Fly Safe o/

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