Explorers' Sanctum looking for pilots & small(er) corporations - make friends and bigger fleets!

Hello capsuleers o7

To broaden our general mindset beyond our own corp, EX-SA founded the Sanctum coalition, a group of like-minded corporations teamed together around the idea of making new friends and bigger fleets!

This is not an alliance

Ingame alliances come with various overheads like cost, maintenance, losing your wardec-free status etc., which is why we’re taking an alternative route to logistics and communications providing us the benefit of an alliance without the drawbacks! This means each coalition corporation continues to function exactly as they usually do without any mandatory requirements from the “leaders” or “that guy above.”

If you’re a CEO of a small corporation, you’ll want to take a look at this!

How can you join?

First of all, take a look at our home page where you can find all the info about us and the mindset we promote. If you’re a CEO of a small(er) corporation looking for a way to provide your members with more content and people to play with without constant recruitment or if you’re simply a group of friends that don’t want to leave your current corporation (we fully understand sentimental value!) - you’re already a good candidate!

Simply join our ingame public EX-SA recruitment channel, look for Skipp or Lana and we’ll take it from there.

Since we always prefer having smaller (but active) playerbase, we will be limiting the number of coalition corporations in the beginning until we feel comfortable with active numbers.

Corporation requirements

  • no 1-2 man or pure alt corps (will gladly toss direct EX-SA invites instead)
  • no corporations that are a part of a large alliance (don’t want to step on anyone’s toes if we don’t have to)
  • no member stealing between coalition corporations
  • no scamming, shooting (unless it’s a previously arranged encounter like a PvP tournament or a simple duel), killing, ganking or any kind of hostile actions (even pure verbal) against coalition members
  • ask for help if you need it, and help others when you can

We’re looking forward to flying with you o7

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Daily bump!

We got our first members in and free access to a citadel for all members of the coalition

Still looking for likeminded corporations and individuals. Don’t be shy to come and chat!

Interested in learning more.

I think we had a chat last night. If you can muster around the TZ differences we’ll gladly have you :slight_smile:

We really like what we see. The only real question is how many ppl are online in the 12am-4am Eve time slot (east coast time US)?

I’m afraid not much since we are mostly EUTZ based :slightly_frowning_face:

Our summer vacation is over - time to bump this topic and get us some more pilots!

Still looking for likeminded corporations and individuals. Don’t be shy to come and chat!

I am interested, please reach out?

Hey! Was busy over the weekend so I apologize for a late reply. Will get in contact as soon as I come online this evening. If you’re online before that, feel free to jump into our ingame recruitment channel (Join “EX-SA recruitment”) and make yourself comfortable :slight_smile:

Ima new player and I’m really interested in joining but may I ask if you have any other requirements like TZ?

Hey Zenun87 and welcome to EVE!

If you check our website, you’ll notice we’re pretty much EUTZ based and don’t run a tight shift when it comes to “mandatory” requirements. If you need any more details or info, feel free to jump into our ingame public channel (join “EX-SA recruitment”) or simply send an ingame mail directly to me (or preferably Skipp Doe).

I should be online after 17:00 EVEtime

Umm… thnx for a nice pic I guess? :smiley:

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We’re still looking for likeminded corporations and individuals. Don’t be shy to come and chat!