Extended downtime?

I don’t mind waiting 20+ minutes longer for downtime…

What I do mind is CCP not communicating WHY…

can CCP please give better communication to its customers?


Wondering as well … server not starting up?

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endless loop

they keep having issues with annoying sounds and red dots


Yay eve is all screwed up… No waitttttt its just CCP lmfao

Get the defib out those hamsters need some motivation

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I said this this before and got flamed for asking CCP to give regular updates

Ok, it’s been over a half hour with no indication how long this will last. C’mon CCP!!!


I think its time to move downtime to a different time zone they can suffer under this timewasting

I’m in!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Ah, yet another thing that seems to be broken and no word as to why. I just decided to go and ahead and pay for omega time to. I was really hoping that CCP would come up with something by now. I will try again in a few minutes. I get the whole DDOS attack thing and the need to run a VPN. But still it is discouraging.

And that is why I come whining about it on the forums.

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