Extending ESI wallet journal broker fee entries


now that broker fees are also levied on marker order updates and are no longer a flat ammount, could it be possible to extend the ESI wallet journal broker fee entries, to include more information on which order or item the broker fee refers to and possible differentiate between broker fees for new orders vs order udpates?

Unless I’m missing something, this is not possible right now. It would be really helpful for people wanting to track how these new broker fees affect their orders / profits / etc.

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In ESI the marker orders issued timestamp is always the latest date the orders was edited, so you can mostly keep track of the creation and edits of orders, if you keep the old values.
You can also use the issued timestamps to link between orders and journal entries - it’s pretty reliable.

Since this is a feature request, those need to be on GitHub, not here on the forum:

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Hm, ok, I’ll give it a try. I’ll also move this to Github as a feature request. Thanks!

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