Add seconds to jounal data time stamp

So that third party apps can match broker fee one pays, to the Item one modified the prices for.

I haven’t checked the API, but if it isn’t there already then the best solution would be to simply provide transaction IDs to the endpoints that can be matched against each other.

I have actually suggested that in “little things small qol suggestions” (i think, maybe i created a draft and not posted).

Im not a programmer so i don’t know which of the solutions would be easier but for traders that generate a lot of market data and rely on third party apps to keep track of our activities, we must be able to link broker fees to specific items, especially now after the broker relations sink. Without it we cant keep track of hundreds of items and their profitability after the changes.

PS: want to give a shootout to JEvEAssets for constantly updating the app and adding new user suggested features. For new and old traders this app is godsend.

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