Ez. Street alliance recruiting corps

Ez. Street about us

We are the high sec side of Just let it happen. A friendly welcoming place for newbro and vets alike, to learn the game or to make friends. We are a healthy mix of players from US/EU time zone, but have members from around the world. And we are looking for more corporations to join our ranks!

A true real life first alliance. No activities are mandatory and never will they be, all corps in Ez. street share this view and one of many reasons it’s a great place to play

What do we do for fun?.. Well we have people that enjoy all that New Eden brings including industry, pvp, pve, in all areas of space. Whatever your corp does you will find an alliance member willing to help

So what can we offer your corp if you decide to join?

Experienced alliance leadership
Help and Advice on all aspects of the game
Use of a fantastic high sec setup, including moon mining, reprocessing, manufacturing
Regular fleets for mining and pvp
Fleet training for your members
A clear path to joining a null sec alliance
Grow free of war

And when you’re ready we can help your corp make the step into Null sec or even wormhole space, the choice will be yours. You grow at a speed that suites you and your members.

Interested in joining the alliance? Jump into the Ez. street discord and ask to talk a recruiter

Here are some of our members forums ads

On the lookout for corporation’s, just pop into our discord and say hi or send me an in game mail

Always recruiting, join us and grow your corp

Always recruiting, come join the fun

Recruiting corps

Always looking for corps to join the group

Recruiting corps


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