We need to grow. You need a home

Our Philosophy

We welcome all players regardless of their interests and what part of the real world they are from. Friendly & welcoming environment to all. We accept all players regardless of if they are brand new players, returning players or current players looking for something different there is a place for everyone here.

Real life always comes first. No Corp activities are/will ever be mandatory. Play when you can and if you can’t, we will see you when you make it on again.

We have members who do, or have done, many of the career paths in EvE. We do concentrate a lot on mining as it is a way to have a steady source of income, but we also run PvP fleets. Many members do PvE and are willing to help people if they are having trouble. We also do manufacturing, research, planetary production, hauling and more.

If you are interested in operating in Null sec we can help you achieve this goal. Life in null can be challenging and is not recommended from day 1 for new players, but the ISK gain can be significant and something to aim for. If you’re interested in this let us know when in the Corp and we will get you working on the skills needed to be successful. If you think you already have the skills for Null then apply to Maraque Enterprises. Someone will be in contact with you shortly.

We Offer:
Newbro help and advice
Regular mining fleets
Moon mining HS
Ore buy-back
Help with ship set-ups
New pilot PvP sessions

Join our recruitment discord server or in game chat channel EZ Street Recruiting and say hi

Fly Safe




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