Faction channels for Edencom / Triglavians

right now both of these communities are split / broken, help repair them by making official faction channels , these already exist for the other factions and should be easy enough to add.

right now the triglavian community uses the channel “pochven local” and i dont think edencom has any sort of channel.


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Yeah, there are tons of channels focused on various activities and interests that many players will never hear of. Sure wish CCP did something to make them easier to find channels that might be of interest to you.

And I doubt it would have the same effect on retention that joining a corp would, but exposing people to the communities in these channels certainly wouldn’t hurt.
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It’s not a huge deal but little things like this do add up. Right now 50 of us are in pochven local but I imagine it would be significantly larger if it was an official channel. This would help breath new life into the Triglavian content.


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