Faction fit Wyvern - SOLD

Want to sell fully fit Wyvern (docked in NPC low-sec)

Fit includes +5 Bil worth of Deadspace & Faction modules, T2 Rigs, Fuel & Fighters.

Currently on contracts for 37.5 Bil.

Contact me in game if you would like a direct contract or to make an offer.

25 bil for hull only

The cheapest hull on contracts is currently 33 Bil - That’s as low as I’ll go for hull only.

No the cheapest hull is 30 bil on contracts .And they are priced higher side thats why no1 buying them.I have other sellers too but if you want to sell it now put up a private contract to me. or else keep looking

Still looking

where in low sec?

Irmalin VIII - Moon 13 - Royal Khanid Navy Testing Facilities

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