Faction Warfare Balance

I waited so long about a Faction Warfare rework. Uprising patch seems interesting.
What do you think about the FW rework?
What about faction balance? Is FW a caldari/Amarr stomp ?


From what I’ve seen in my recent return in the past month; Caldari have been stomping yes, but the Amarr/Minmatar front has been fairly back and forth with Amarr slightly ahead in the recent contest, although currently Minmatar hold more systems.

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i got confused by the plex names on the test server
and didn’t really checked after uprising dropped
some dude killed me 3/4 days ago in the warzone and i forgot to set my medical clone
appear on the other side of the galaxy :frowning:

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I’m really wondering what is going to happen when one side just stomps the other. In the past it often swung the other way again after a while because of market prices and tier rewards.

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If one side “stomps” the other then the stomping side won’t have rearguard systems to replenish stocks of propaganda towers and the like to gain advantage, while the losing side will have plenty of enemy rearguard sites to get advantage-giving materials. The asymmetry in advantage means the stompers have to grind a lot more than the defenders which increases attrition and negates manpower and time differences a certain degree.

The stomping side will have permanent frontline systems next to high sec and will have to permanently defend these and operational systems 1 jump back, which attritions away any manpower that could be used to push other areas.

Then there’s the not-yet-released battlefield sites, which who knows how those will spawn and affect the battlefield.

A lot remains to be seen but I suspect a “stomp” in the form of “whole warzone is one color” is not going to be easy to have in a steady state.


Thanks all for your answers.
Any release date for the complete rework?

“Complete rework” of what? Faction warfare or something else that I missed?

The overhaul to Faction Warfare is already released. The only thing I’m aware of that they delayed were the battlefield sites, and if the question is “is FW worth playing right now without those sites” in my opinion “yes”.

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I was meaning battlefields sites, that’s why I considered like “incomplete” :sweat_smile:

Has anyone at CCP ever actually played a tactical or strategic wargame?

Asking for a fiend.

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