[Faction Warfare] Is the NVY/ADV distinction really needed?

I took the time to think over the coming plexes changes more. And the more I think about it, the more I find the NVY/ADV distinction for plexes in the coming changes to not only be kinda pointless, but even detrimental.

If the goal of introducing the distinction was to resolve the age-old problem of Worms in Novice sites (the Novice part should tell why this is a problem), it does that but it introduces more problems in all the plexe sizes above. And solving that problem of the Novice when bigger plexes sizes are being introduced and given the spotlight, and solving it in such an impacting way, is a bit weird…
When all that was needed to solve that problem was to introduce a Proper Novice plex, make the actual Novice be renamed into something like Intermediate plex, and then go on about our business.

If the goal is to introduce a full ecosystem of Navy ships that can allow multiple roles and field doctrines, for example by having a Logi-class for Navy, then by all means ignore everything I said and go on with the plan. However if we do not have a full amount of ships coming as Navy classes, there are GIANT holes that have to be filled by the Navy class of ships and that need to be filled before the plexes changes are introduced…

I’d say reverting some of the Logi-hulls that got transformed into attack-assault Navy classes is a first step, and then introducing a new classes that would have to attack-assault classes that got replaced.

Pretty much, it is likely that right now, without the proper elements, the NVY/ADV distinction is going to do more harm than good.

I read this as complaining that t2 logi isn’t in the NVY plexes.


Not every fight needs to be blobbed by 1:1 dps:t2logi where one side gets dumpstered and on the other side nothing dies. Only allowing t1 logi in some plexes is a good idea imo and will promote more fights as even if you get dumpstered you are at least a little more likely to take some enemy ships with you.

I say a little more likely as it is entirely possible risk averse divvy’s will just bring 2:1 logi:dps to compensate. One can only hope.


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