[Faction Warfare] Meaningful, Strategic Goals in FW.2.0

When we consider what is worth fighting for - and what is the manifest impact of our actions, CCP need to be bold and creative when defining the landscape.

How the proposed plan would change the landscape;

I would like to see some of the following features;
(But I welcome other replies on what they can do to make interesting characteristics.)

Major Construction ports
*Construction ports that have reduced cost / fuel when producing Faction specific ships.

+Faction wants to hold this to expand their throughput
-Enemy wants to reduce your economy of scale.

NPC FW Strong holds / production sites.
*Facilities that impact the FW roaming NPCS, such as ship size or fittings.

+Faction wants to hold these to buff the NPC’s that roam or spawn at FW Sites.
-Enemy wants to reduce the threat level of NPC’s at gates and FW sites.

FW Facilities that produce local effects.
*Capture and supply local FW Facilities that might;
*Buff / Nerf Armor Rep
*Buff / Nerf Shield Rep
*Buff/ Nerf Afterburner / microwarp effectiveness.

+Faction wants to tailor system effects to buff the defender.
-Enemy want to strike these sites to level the playing field.

Faction Resource sites
*A site / diorama that provides regional wealth / buffs to Mining & Refining, produces fuel for FW Facilities

+Faction wants these to improve own Economy and manufacturing capabilities
-Enemy wants to reduce capabilities of Faction they oppose

Faction Prison sites
*Sites of state prisoners, holds deadly NPC’s.

+Faction needs to secure these, or risk deadly NPC’s starting to spawn / target local faction
-Enemy will seek to bust these to spawn NPC’s that hunt the holding Faction. (Creates chaos)

Warfare is material logistics and whilst EVE has internal logistics per corp/alliance, we should have major set pieces that could have unique models to really make locations POP.

These structures should be able to FLIP onto holding faction, but would need to be multistage capture, such as 3 supporting systems holding infrastructure needed to capture the Set piece.

The idea here is to create manifest reasons to want to own systems that have far reaching impact.

For historical reference in the real world, this might be wanting to destroy major manufactures, bridges, train lines, air fields, harbours, specific tank production sites.


Fishing for input, do people think a more NPC driven play space is bad for Faction Warfare?

So I just watched the parts of Fanfest that interested me, and I have to say that the idea of Faction Warfare becoming center stage is making me want to come back to the game.

I think it would be great to see more NPC driven operations, defensives, and even some NPC dialogue during bigger fights would add a lot of immersion to the gameplay style. Faction warfare seems like it would be more roleplay focused, and the Empires telling us and joining in their goals would only add to it.

Of course, there will still be player driven initiatives as well, it is a sandbox and we as capsuleers have always had autonomy from the Empires. Whether it be nearby null sec alliances meddling, or other alliances actually involved faction warfare, they can affect the course of a war, or cause distractions.


With the state of the union post, I am bumping this post as it has greater relevance at the moment.

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Just replying to let you know we’ve seen this and we also think this sort of concept is super cool :wink:


Hey, thanks for taking the time to recognize my pestering for you guys to look at it, I hope there are elements of interest to you guys here and if I can give any input, feel free to strike up a discussion.


I’m wondering if nonFW players will be able to do these things. Could I as a “pirate” attack one of the sides’ infrastructure and influence the warzone?

I think the reward structure wouldn’t support it but third party incentive could such a mercenary work, however with the up coming allegiance system, if they let you drop in and out, you could enlist to reap the loyalty point rewards and contribute victory points to the specific faction you seek to work for.

But if you just want wanton destruction, that should be allowed and it is on the interested faction militias to protect their interests.

That said there should be NPC deterrence if we are saying factions should be sen as autonomous empires in the world and not just loot pinatas waiting to be wacked.


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In addition, on theme with factions as their own empires with autonomy and agency, I would like staged battles between NPCs along the front line with event triggers, it might be certain capture points being taken (triggering attack or defence) and certain objectives / material demands are met.

The reason for this is blowing ships up is fun, creates a new bro moment of awe that can be reproduced, creates a feeding frenzy and makes the universe feel more lived in and creates a point of interest.

When it comes fo forming fleets, the garuntee of a NPC death ball makes for a convincing argument with a low initial investment of set up time for corps.

This could be new bro and RP friendly that is a catalyst for fleet ops to include in their rosta of content.

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While I am at it, might has well share my own Proposal for the goals along the Frontline:

Frontline System -

Dantelion Plan -


I like the nature of it and it adds strategic motivation and decision making. I’d add a tangible rational to these bonuses so either specific nebula effects, stars going nova to release extra radiation to power shields, a nanite swarm that buffs or nerfs armour tanking, specific buildings.

Shameless attention bump, looking for more input.

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I posted this 3 years ago right before I officially won EvE. I still feel like these hold true and now that FW is finally getting worked on I really hope this gets more eyes, but I’m definitely glad they took on my idea of a front line.

Input follows:

Hundreds or even thousands of players would love to see significant positive changes to faction warfare. Hell, they would love to see positive changes to pretty much anything. I would suggest you temper your enthusiasm for any ideas they float. This is the team who called importing and exporting spreadsheets the biggest update in the game’s history, and who consider changing 3% resist to 4% resist a monumental accomplishment.


Where specifically? Is this limited to low/hisec?. Wouldn’t this caues more production to be done in jita? I think if its for lowsec thats fine, but it still means to avoid this people could alt up and produce in jita.

I like this, but I can see others not. Right now it looks like that is happening in event constellations like Eugidi. People picking up there PI and taking a bit long geting killed by faction diamond rats near the customs offices. I’m not sure about this being at the Plex’s though.

Culture wise, there are people who do faction warfare as a structured pvp system and probally don’t want to have to worry about NPC’s, so I can see people like that having a problem with this.
Personally though I like it but thats my input there.

I think this can be useful to counter certain meta’s that are annoying, maybe useful as a balancing tool. Even what you laid out Afterburner / mircowarp effectiveness can affect how much control a succubus pilot has. I think this being tied to the objectives coming from the advantage system would be interesting maybe, only because it would allow people outside to feel like they’ve benefitted.

If the purpose of this is to bring more miners out in faction warfare this may work, though miners would have to find a way to know about these systems minus word of mouth I feel like. I’m a bit mixed on this because I think there is alot of mining in FW space, but alot more of it is imported from specific trade hubs. As far as circle of life of things is concerned, what would this really affect? I LOVE the premise, but I’m not really sure what it would do?

I found someone multiboxing like 12 mining barges in Eugidi the other day, that ore is probally going to X Amarr Milita player.

Random independents who have a beat on activity times and mine in lowsec no problem, they would probally still mine there anyway from a saftey precatuion but they may not.

Occasionally, null entities will come in and mine out belts.

This buff / nerf imo would either send entities to richer areas (again as long as there is something either in the agency or UI wise telling them what system has what bonus or them figuring it out)

I love this idea personally, but again I think your missing the problem players have been talking about in regards to agency. If you observe the invasions, alot of people had problems with triglavians randomly warping to them, or warping on them when they were fighting. While personally, I didn’t care and found it great I can understand there point to an extent, atleast especially in this example.

If you log in to fight in pvp, thats what you want to do. You don’t want to deal with anything else. Faction Warfare is a bit like sPVP in other games to where you have some limitations and can really get your feet wet in pvp OR excel and now you have area’s where you can get those good fights. I don’t think this needs to do anything witth the faction warfare plexs specifically.

This imo is actually where the enforcer career route comes in handy and the ones that do PvE as a main activity can come in. I have an idea in regards to that prison aspect.

That prison setpiece is a PvX site that allows players to complete an objective inorder to free that prisoner. Say, they either have to hack a can by speed tanking to it and freeing the prisoner or kill all the npc’s and destroy a prison structure. After the prisoner is let out, the prisoner spawns in an adjacent system and any of the adjacent systems (whether its null, high or low) as a high bounty npc. If that site exists in highsec, it spawns more pirates (or it increases the spawn mutlipler in the belts) ← may be wrong that may not exist in Highsec. In lowsec & Null, it drastically increases the bounty risk multiplier. To balance this, the completion of this site gains advantage (so Amarr Prison completed = Amarr Advantage gained) OR (it being a setpiece) gains victory points.

That being said, I don’t think these need to be set pieces per se (like Ammamke doesn’t shouldn’t be a setpiece system), but rather I think they should be individual sites within the system. I don’t thnk you want to force players to flip a system incase the sites aren’t great to them for example. This player base is finicky, and if these objectives aren’t made in a specific way thats catered to them they just won’t do the activity.

That being said, you can make these objectives part of flipping the system. You could make it apart of the advantage system so that you gain more advantage than the opposing side, or you could have these sites add victory points.
Honestly, I think allowing these sites to gain advantage points would be great

The naming convention of the sites is a probelm, like Construction Site, Prison, Stronghold, Facility all seem short, but when you add on to naming conventions that exist even its alot, let alone with the changes coming in.

A few ways to remedy that (maybe) is spawn these sites near certain constellations and fixed objects in space & and visuals inside the site. Spawn Facilities & Resource sites a certain AU from Asteriod Belts. Spawn FW Strongholds / Production sites certain AU near Stargates, Spawn Construction Sites certain AU near stations. This is knowledge that has to be passed down which is always good.

Those are my thoughts on this.

I love the engaged and thoughtful response to my post!

I think you did outline a over-riding theme that my suggestions aren’t exactly for the hard core small gang PvP’ers and are there to expand the thematic aspects of FW and wanting to flesh out the NPC contribution to the feel of a lived in and nation centric world. As to the -

Faction Resource sites
*A site / diorama that provides regional wealth / buffs to Mining & Refining, produces fuel for FW Facilities

+Faction wants these to improve own Economy and manufacturing capabilities
-Enemy wants to reduce capabilities of Faction they oppose

These are dioramas, showing the functional life of the factions, like riding a train through a cities industrial centre. World building.

Low sec I would say and should be there to bring production closer to the command space of Faction Warfare, basically pumping in T1 and Navy ships into the war space. Giving Corps / Militias a local solution to ship needs.

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I think those are great ideas that will never see any use because pirate and nullbloc factions are allowed to just basically camp these if they are worth isk. Simple tweaks like only declared FW participants allowed in Plexes would help.
That one change will increase FW participation and help negate the outsized influence well established groups have. There will still be targets to hunt, it will be a content rich environment, but no more easy kills no more serving up low skilled players on a platter.
I love all this stuff with Frontline and more story based objectives, but I also like having a mobile Battlespace where it is up to us to decide what’s important and what’s not. So
Semi static system that are easily camped turn into grind or are a abandoned. I would hate to see a lot of the cool work through all are doing go to waste because no one actually gets to use it in the manner its intended.

Don’t even get me started on the possibility that Goons or Snuffed or Papi can put their thumb on the faction Warfare scale by abusing the Advantage system. (if they can, they will this isn’t even a question, and jejeune to think otherwise)

Finally someone else gets it.

The best protection FW has is its gates. If we put FW objectives and sovereignty behind those we will get to have control over them instead of opening them up to disruption and abuse.

They can say all they want about pirates being a “part” of FW, and how Null-Sec will never interfere with FW (“and if even if it does, it’s a good thing :clown_face::smiling_imp:”), all it does is opening us all to come back one year later and see them all b**** and complain when all those things end up happening.

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