Faction Warfare: prevent plex timers running if ship warp core strength larger than zero to stop botting

The amount of botting in faction warfare by ventures have reached epidemic proportions, and is hurting game play. Basically, bots will contest systems round the clock, while players can only decontest those systems a limited amount of hours.

The solution with preventing ships with WCS to enter has improved the landscape, but now Venture bots have taken over.

The solution is simple - prevent the plex timers from running if the ship that enter has a warp core strength larger than zero. This will stop the Ventures, and will force people that run large plexes to remove WCS. As Faction Warfare is supposed to involve fighting, this is no bad thing.

except plenty of none bots do this as well and there is nothing wrong with the game play. They are also easy as balls to catch because they think the stabs are enough.

I don’t know where “here” is, but these bots in FW affect gameplay. Why, because when they do offensive plexing, it affects the warzone. Those systems has to be defensive plexed back again, but players can’t be expected to be on 23/7 as the bots can.

Yes, they are fairly easy to catch, but only if players are actually on. It’s also a broken mechanic to have to fit special ships to counter something that is an abuse of the game.

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… if no one is on it doesn’t matter if they are stabbed or not. most of those bots aren’t stabbed the stabbed ones tend to be players. the bots are align fit

I’m talking about bots in Faction Warfare specifically, and the solution applies only to Faction Warfare

These bots are not stabbed, because ships with stabs may not enter the plexes. Ventures has a built in warp core strength of two, so they circumvent the restriction. They can then run down the plexes and affect the warzone.

yes I know but those only have a small stab bonus that is mindlessly easy to account for… bot or not. Your idea does not lessen the number of bots running sites at all you’re just want another handicap because people are using tools you’re not good at dealing with

It will reduce the number of bots, simply because they would be able to run those plexes (timer would not run down). This also affect only FW.

I have killed 10 ventures today, so I know how to counter them. I just can’t be on to do it 23/7, while they can be so and affect the warzone. It is also broken mechanic if a player has counter what is an abuse of the game.

except the bots would still be doing it… they would still be isk positive again the bots don’t tend to be the ones in ventures they tend to be in the T1 cepters

I agree, if people want to deplex with alts or bot’s they need to do it in none stabbed ship’s including ventures.

but there are people who do it not on alts

It doesn’t matter, alt / main / bot same thing people should be doing it in none stabbed ship’s, it wont stop the bot problem but it would make chasing off bot’s a little bit more rewarding.

Why should they be doing it in non stabbed ships? A fights a fight they shouldn’t be forced to play by your rules just because you don’t want to fit an extra point

You live in wormholes why are you dictating that people in fw need to deal with stabbed retards, stabs are retarded and are abused by risk adverse players.

Because it’s a PvP site and taking a Venture, a ship with zero PvP ability, is a deliberate commitment that you will never engage in PvP. And because it’s exploiting a loophole in the way the “no WCS” mechanic is implemented.

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Because there is a mechanic that explicitly doesnt allow stabbed ships. Venture is an abuse of that mechanic.

Lol. To be fair, many/most of the Ventures farming FW sites are completely unfitted.

I have been an avid member of calmil for years…

except you are engaged in pvp… I don’t think that means what you think that means. You are both players competing for opposing goals. They are just not competing how you wanted them too

No it’s not CCP left the venture deliberately they didn’t forget about it. because you still know its WCS before going into the engagement. It is not hard to bring 1 extra point with your scram to take them out.

There is no competition. If you try to take the goal from a farmer they just warp off and claim a different one. You might have a valid point if FW sites were a scare resource and running away had meaningful consequences, but as it is the farmers are purely PvE farming and avoiding PvP at all costs.

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I long for the day’s where FW actually generates combat instead of insta warp farmers, where farmers are penalized for not participating in combat, I wish the missions where removed so that all lp only comes plex’s combined with no ventures stab’s being able to run down the timer that would be a great Era for FW.

Yes that makes sense because 9 months ago when we the Gallente federation captured all the system’s all the Caldari couldn’t farm anymore and pretty much quit and left, black rise became a ghost town.

Compare that to now when Caldari are T5 and Gallente are giving them hell. :] I even asked in militia chat if people wanted to retake the system’s and the answer was the same throughout, they didn’t care about the tier or farming they just wanted to keep it T1 for the next 10 months so that Caldari didn’t run away, if they do we loose most of our pvp opportunities.

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