Faction Warfare Redesighn


The way to do Faction warfare is to jump in a site to capture it
via waiting is boring exept if it has a PVP.

So i suggest to make it similer to entosis thing but with the ability to PVP
with any range max to 100Km to avoid being out of Entosis with out noticing.

Maybe to add a notification to the militia that a site in an x system being hitt.

Or to change the FW in capturing to use Analyzer similer to data and relic one.

So you change the current “get on the beacon in the plex and wait in range until completion” to “use a module on the beacon, waste fuel and wait in range of the beacon until completion”. :thinking: May I tell you that entosis linking is absolutely boring and not enjoyable in null sec? Or in other words: Your suggestion does nothing to encourage more PVP.

May I instead suggest that you run FW beacons in systems that are contested by the opposing faction so that you have a more exiting experience? That would already solve all your described issues.

What do you think about the second choise by doing it like using hacking instead of camping it ?

It’s the same, isn’t it? You have to sit in range of the beacon and wait until completion as CCP cannot really make the hacking process much quicker than the current waiting time around the beacon. The waiting time is there to force an engagement with other players and give other players enough time to find you on a beacon.
In addition, I am not sure if people would appreciate being distracted with an overly difficult hacking grid while they wait for someone to enter the beacon zone.

Horrible idea because you loose a pvp module just to capture the site it’s better the way it is now.

so lose a mod slot and now you can sit 100KM from the beacon making you pretty damn safe from most ships that warp in… yeah sounds like you really fixed FW there

I would keep plexes as they are but then add additional sites that work similar to resource wars. so there are rats from both factions you need to kill off while holding the site. site ticks down if there is at least one play from that faction in it and pauses if there are players from both factions just like normal. but it goes faster if there are fewer hostile NPCs. Site LP modified slightly based on total NPC kills

it wouldn’t do much but it would be enough to mix up the experience a bit

Id make it more interesting :], inner circle very close to warp in and to beacon with 2x timer speed inside a warp disruption bubble and a space outside the bubble 20km’s away from warp in no bubble but only 1x timer speed :] more risk/reward. Kitey ship’s can sit in the danger zone too and just be vigilant and getting in position when there are enemies on gate.

so sit 19km away and you have more than enough time to gtfo when someone pops up on D…

all the reward no extra risk!

not to mention plexes simply shouldn’t tackle for you

Why not, I don’t see any supporting information from you that shows that game mechanics putting you in more of a dangerous situation as having a negative impact.

The word “shouldn’t” sounds opinionated.

The 2x counter can be at 10km and bubble till 20km’s to counter your argument, 10km’s to burn when someone appears on D-Scan is enough to shake up the comfort zone a bit.

because part of the point of fw was as an introduction to pvp. not only is there no need for plexes to tackle but it hurts people trying to learn if it grants initial tackle to them.
if you cant move 10.1km in the time it takes someone to fully land on a gate, then activate, then warp, then land in site you have simply failed

FW is some of the most skill intensive pvp in the game, I’d argue that a beginner should join null first to get a taste for pvp then go to FW to get better once they know the basic’s, which doesn’t sound logical but it’s how the game is atm.

no its really not, fights are easy to find and easy to get involved in. FW tends to be the most recommend space for newbros wanting to learn. you have control over what ships can fight you and most importantly what fights you are willing to take. It was designed that way intentionally.

even if we ignore that all your change does is push the meta more kitey and gives another huge advantage to the people already in the site

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