A Proposition for Fixing Faction Warfare

I don’t feel like writing a wall of text - and I’m conscientious of your precious time -, so let’s cut it short by adding a list of objective changes.

(EDIT: It came out longer than I wanted anyway)

  1. Prohibit Ventures from entering complexes. Their built-in stabilizers are the number one reason FW is packed full of bots. As far I’m aware, the mechanics are already there, so all you have to do is add industrial ships to the no-admittance list.

  2. Neutrals (pirates, weekend warriors et cetera) should turn SUSPECT the moment they warp into a complex AND they should be shot by the faction NPC guarding it upon entrance (it’s a “military outpost being invaded by unauthorized personnel” or whatever you want to call it). I realize some of you consider it only a minor nuisance, but it is ANNOYING to manage security status. It should’ve been fixed years ago from what I’m told. It seems unfair to me that militia pilots risk losing access to their faction space as well as giving up on enemy space because we’re forced to shoot neutrals all the time. Belt hunting (or doing missions) to fix sec status is boring AS F* and not what we signed up for (and not all of us want to have a high-sec alt to do our shopping and logistics, plus I’m 100% certain I’m not the only one who enjoys access to Rens and the rest of our lovely Minmatar space).

  3. Remove local from low-sec. If you want to keep it on in high-sec, fine. Low-sec dwellers will benefit from it, you’ll make the game much more interesting AND it aids the fight against bots (assuming bots will still be a thing with Ventures gone and stabilizers non-functional inside complexes).

TL;DR: Remove Ventures from plexes; give neutrals suspect status inside plexes; remove local chat from low-sec.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to add your suggestions and/or criticize my ideas. These are the top three things that came to mind.



What if Faction Warfare was inside deadspace and a gate allows the ship class to enter?

Remove STABs, allow Mining lasers to target modules, but cause little to no hull damage

I’ve seen bots in a variety of ships, whatever the flavor of the month is. Banning one ship will just make them move to another.

Sec status is for noobs. If you don’t have a hauling/trading alt…ask yourself why? Your FW Corp should have ships in your home system. No need to ever visit hi sec.

Local is important for FW. How else can we tell the Amarr scum we are going to mount their burned skulls on the front of our Thrashers?

Here’s a new idea (stolen from somebody else - sorry, I forgot the name):

Add a minigame to plexing AND mining. All bots are gone. RMT is gone, too. Game is fixed.

Also, don’t forget to make neutrals turn suspect inside plexes, please.

Yes and no.

While they can go back to Atrons and insta warping Slashers. Those can at least be pointed unlike a venture, unless you fly a ship that has 3 or more points of disrupt OR you fly a HIC, you are not going to catch them. The Venture is a stupid loophole that was left in by CCP when they removed warpcore stabs from plexes in FW space. It could be a sign they dont know their game OR they just didnt think of it. This is one of the many problems with having a CSM made up of Nullsec block members instead of a proper distribution of the playerbase.


Neutrals are half the fun, most the fights, is your goal farming or fighting?

Low should keep local, it is a transition area and without local it would be a huge barrier to new players.

I thought stabs didn’t work, or do the built in warp strengths work? The built in should not work either. No matter what ship has it. Nerfing one ship is not the answer.


Why reply when you A) didn’t read the thread and B) don’t know anything about the subject?

We are not asking NOT to fight neutrals. We already do. We are asking to stop losing security status for shooting neutrals inside plexes. They should be flagged suspect the moment they warp in. Grinding sec status is annoying, and shooting proper war targets (enemy ships) don’t cost us any, but neutrals do. And we shoot first whenever possible.

Stabs don’t work, but the vulture has built-in stabs. Again, you didn’t read the thread: we are not asking to nerf anything. We are asking for vultures to NOT be allowed to enter plexes (as the mechanics are already there, it wouldn’t take much effort from CCP at all).

That’s right, everyone who thinks your ideas suck doesn’t know what they are talking about.


Bad ideas, poorly thought out.


Worst idea yet, mini games suck, a lot of players quit when they added mini games to exploration sites.


Did you read what you wrote? You talked about not fighting neutrals and nerfing ventures. That was never even mentioned.

Not sure if just a forum troll. Move along.

If you put a flag on neutrals they won’t enter, the effect is to remove fights, you are reducing PvP it is a bad idea.

Your local idea was just dumb and shortsighted.

The issue with +warp strength needs to be addressed at the attribute level, not the ship level, there are other ships with that attribute.

EDIT: Also who is “we” Tonto


You’re a moron. Neutrals don’t waltz into plexes for the view. It’s a PvP plex and they enter it looking for fights just like we do. They don’t care about the suspect flag. Suspect flag is MEANINGLESS in respect to the fight itself. It is meant to stop costing us security status when fighting inside PvP complexes.

Not only are you a troll, you’re dumb and clueless to boot.

The more you flag my posts, the more I’m convinced you’re one of them cowards flying ventures to farm LP and not actually fight anything.

Says the person who wants to restrict PvP.

In any case you seem like you are very upset and may pop a gasket, so your worship is duly noted.

-1 on all your ideas.


Why wouldn’t neutrals enter?

The only effect of a suspect flag in low sec is people can shoot you without getting security status hits or being shot by sentries (that don’t exist inside plexes).

Are you saying neutrals only enter plexes because they hope whoever is inside doesn’t want to lose security status so they get to shoot first?

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Where can I buy this vulture you speak of?

Get the ■■■■ out of my EvE! We need less mini games, not more.

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In Egosoft’s X series

Or for a fighter Elite

Venture. Autocorrection mistake.

You’re being mean on the Internet. Congratulations.

(Also, not your game.)

The Vulture in Elite Dangerous is pretty cool. isn’t it?