Factions and killmail in ESI

I have several questions about ESI:

  1. How can I get the information about the faction of the ship? For example how to understand that Kikimora and Vedmak are from Triglavian Collective?
  2. I request /killmails/{killmail_id}/{killmail_hash}/ for “killmail_id”: 106738188, “killmail_hash”: “fe7145b30114b46f64d4d022221ae01edfcab6cf” and get answer. In the answer, there are no ship_type_id for some attackers. Why?

Take a look at the market group, thats a semi feasible way of getting the faction.
Generally people hand role it as not much in the sde to help.

Why some dont have the type id is the mystreries of the killmails. Just need to handle the information not being there, killmails break and have weird data in all the time.

Thank you!

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